Stephen I. Siller

Says Who?

“Says Who” in the Brooklynese of my youth was “Sezhu,” one word. Biden said in his State of the Union teleprompter speech: “More than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed. Most of whom are not Hamas.” Really? How exactly did Biden know that? The only answer is this statistic was reported by the Hamas “Health Ministry,” which is as reliable as Goebbels’ Propaganda Ministry. Is anyone surprised that Biden repeated Hamas propaganda?

To his great credit, Brooklyn-born Sidney Ferris Rosenberg, attending the State of the Union speech in the gallery as a guest of a New York Congressman, yelled out, “Sezhu” when Biden chose the wrong side in this war and insulted the American and other hostages with his Hamas statistic. Rosenberg is the host of the NYC WABC Radio 770 a.m. Sid & Friends show every morning, 6 to 10 a.m., Monday through Friday.  Sid’s mother, Naomi Rosenberg, who appears on Sid’s radio show too infrequently, refers to Biden as “that creature in the White House.” Mrs. Rosenberg is being kind.

Biden repeated that same Hamas propaganda on MSNBC, or MSLSD or MSDNC, depending on your politics: “President Biden said in an interview on MSNBC on Saturday that he has a ‘red line’ when it comes to the war in Gaza. ‘You can’t have another 30,000 Palestinians dead as a consequence of going after (Hamas). There are other ways to deal with Hamas,’ he said.”  Really?  What other ways?  Invite them for a sit down over lunch?

If Biden was more than a baby in 1944, no doubt he would have believed the Nazis and the International Red Cross who visited Theresienstadt on June 23, 1944, and reported on the “detainees” in that Potemkin Village.  “The Red Cross visit gave German authorities the opportunity to stage an elaborate performance that seemed to confirm that Jewish prisoners were living well at Theresienstadt. Before the visit, camp leadership took extensive measures to ‘beautify’ the camp—they deported a large portion of the population to reduce overcrowding, built a swimming pool, planted gardens, constructed parks, renovated barracks, and planned cultural events.  After successfully deceiving the Red Cross representatives, Nazi authorities then decided to make a propaganda film on location at Theresienstadt. The film’s ‘cast,’ musicians, and director . . . were all prisoners of Theresienstadt. The film was made under the close supervision of the SS.”

Dr. Maurice Rossel was the lead Swiss investigator for the International Red Cross and was interviewed about his impressions of Theresienstadt. “This was a camp that was reserved for the privileged ones. . . . and this camp gave the impression that very wealthy Jews had been put there, or…. those who were important in their small towns, whom you just could not make disappear too brusquely.” Rossel went on to blame the “rich Jews” for not telling him anything or not surreptitiously putting a note in his pocket. Spoken like an impartial Red Cross observer, kind of like the “impartial” UNRWA members of Hamas that Biden thankfully did not invite to his State of the Union rant.

Maybe Biden’s rhetoric has enlightened us about the real reason FDR and his advisers chose not to bomb the railroad tracks to the death camps or to bomb the crematoria.  Biden’s message really is for the IDF to eliminate Hamas now, and certainly before Biden does more damage to the US-Israel relationship.

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Stephen I. Siller is a Manhattan-based international lawyer, instrument-rated pilot, open-water scuba diver, and accomplished glassblower. His views are personal and not those of any firm or other organization with which he is affiliated.
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