Chaya Lester

Scared Sacred (As Israel Awaits Iran’s Response)

AI image generated by Chaya Lester
AI image generated by Chaya Lester

We have learned to live against
this backdrop
That the ground could simply
Out from under
At any moment
Gone for good.
The sky could thunder
The sun surrender.

And yet we soldier forward
We are vigilant
As we fold the laundry
And feed the children.
Call in the reserves
To defend
The things that we are called to defend
Our innocence
& that illusive sense
of Justice
So misconstrued
in this blind man’s circus of a world

We are being refined by war
Like no other
Crucible could…
Like fine silt grinded
From hard rock
As we take stock
in the only truth worth touting…

To trust in the God who made us
And makes us still…
The God who guides each
to miss us
The God who guards
The ones He loves.

Though we are scarred and we are scared
We touch the sacred
through this fear.

About the Author
Psychotherapist, inspirational speaker, wordsmith, performance artist & Co-Director of Jerusalem's Shalev Center. Chaya lives in the heart of Jerusalem with her husband R'Hillel & their 4 energetic children. Read more pieces like this in real-life book form:
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