Dalit Esther Rosin

School’s out for summer (meanwhile you’re working…)



Pretty much what you will hear for the next two months is “I’m hungry”. So here’s how you plan ahead to stop you from going insane.

  • Meal planning – kids are now home for breakfast lunch and dinner. Try and stick to a loose schedule of what you will feed the family.
  • Breakfast – Do you have extra cereal stocked up? Buy more milk and freeze so you are never caught short.
  • Lunch and dinner – decide which the main meal is and try to cook in batch.
  • Snacks – pop ices, pretzels, and other cheap snacks will be helpful for day trips and save you money from having to buy out.

Declutter together

Make it a family experience.

  • Go through gan/school scrapbooks and decide what is valuable to keep in a memory box. Not all of your kids artwork is actually worth keeping so don’t feel guilty when you throw something away that is no way a representation of a good memory.
  • Go through all the art supplies and organize a few boxes/files so you have projects on hand all summer.


  • At minimum plan a one day a week activity that is your fun day out. For example, it can be a pool, national park, theme park, or zoo.
  • Make a day schedule– When is lunch? Art project? Park? TV time? Baking time? Independent play?
  • Organize play dates – very helpful in combating boredom.
  • Put everything in your calendar– digitize it so it pop us on your phone.
  • Make time for important appointments– Dentist, checkups etc.… Now is the time.
  • Be flexible– maybe bedtime will have to be later but it’s the summer so don’t beat yourself up.
  • ENJOY!
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Dalit is a professional organizer, living in the Jerusalem area for ~15 years, and married with four kids. Her organisational skills allow her to successfully help manage people's spaces by decluttering and reorganizing. Check out her work at Her passions include travelling, good coffee shops, winter sun, and learning for the soul. In her spare time she manages an online facebook group called "Brand New Mamas".
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