Selective silence and the seductive stimulus

Despite all the extraordinary technological and medical advances that benefit mankind no cure has been found to reduce or moderate the primal human propensity towards malevolence. Rather, the human inclination towards malice and ruthlessness seems to have intensified in synchronization with man’s innovative progress.

Some may contend, however, that the evil we are seeing now is not significantly greater in magnitude or worse in its brutality than at any other time. What is different, however, is that we are seeing it, in real time, in graphic videos circulated through social media.

It stands to reason then, that there is little room for doubt and subsequently no excuse for silence.

Then again, with all the visuals at our fingertips, is the brutality we are witnessing beyond the scope of what the human mind can hold? Is it impossible to wrap our heads around it, to absorb it into our consciousness thereby leaving us in a state of paralysis?

Is world silence derived from an ever growing sense of defeat? A loss of hope, of faith?

Or is it really a case of selective silence? And one step further, what is it about the Gaza war, for example, that seduces governments and people to act?

The masses are out in the streets of Europe and in the US, not to decry the Jihadist global conglomerate sweeping through Africa and the Middle East, leaving a thick trail of blood in its wake, but to vilify those who defend themselves against it. Namely, Israel.

Trance-like, they churn out the catch phrases about land and occupation knowing damn well that the war in Gaza has nothing to do with land and everything to do with Jihad, with Hamas and Fatah elbowing each other for first place by proving which terror movement can kill more Jews.  The Gaza war is a most convenient opportunity for the masses to cast off political correctness and unsheathe the Jew hatred that has been simmering on a low boil. It is the Jew element that seduces the otherwise apathetic masses into action.

The decent, the good are for the most part, tucked away at home, silent and fearful.

Or dead, gruesomely hacked into pieces with their heads impaled on a pole.

The media, for some time now, no longer a news source, spouts speculation and opinions with the credibility of supermarket tabloids, allowing themselves to serve as useful idiots for the present day terrorist conglomerate made up of ISIS, Hamas, Fatah, Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, Baku Haram and Al Qaeda, each trying to outdo the other as they vie for top billing in what they hope will be a Sharia run world.

The UN operates as the terrorists’ diplomatic arm. Reserving condemnations only for Israel, they augment their functionality by furthering the bloody and gory political agenda of global Jihadists by affording them international legitimacy or at the very least an unobstructed path.

And all the while hundreds of thousands of Christians as well as other “infidels,” are slaughtered. Daily.

And there is silence.  And apathy.  And idleness on the part of governments that have the power to act. To be humane.

But it is a rare occasion that governments act for the sake of humanity. Rather, only when their own national interests are threatened.

This is an old story.

Though, I will never, never understand how those in power – how those who have the power to stop the Muslim atrocities for which words do not even exist, choose not to.  I cannot grasp  how they can sleep at night – how they can wake up the next day and breathe the air without any guilt – how they can eat without choking on the first bite – how they can be so morally depraved to allow the horrors to endure. Even in the shadow of the Holocaust, I cannot wrap my head around it. What a living nightmare to have such men as the leaders of our world.

In an absurd as well as a revolting contrast, what we have indeed witnessed of late is the self-styled moral indignation of influential governments with regard to Gaza.

The European Union, in their usual stupefied state, shrugs and scratches their heads at the wanton slaughter of 200,000 people in Syria, the ongoing bloodbath in Iraq and the wholesale massacre of Christians at the hands of ISIS, yet miraculously overcomes its catatonic condition, reaching consciousness long enough to strongly declare their outrage over the situation in Gaza.

Nostalgic for the good ol’ days, Europe finds itself in a position where it can no longer tolerate a situation in which Jews defend themselves against genocide. They have thus found comfort in knowing that Ban Ki Moon together with the Obama/Kerry duo are relentless in their feverish pursuit to blackmail Israel into an unconditional one-sided ceasefire.

In the meantime, Muslim Jihadists are controlling the streets of the EU and raping their women with the tacit approval of the respective government leaders who are secretly relieved not to have to tend to their own erectile dysfunction.

Thus it remains that in Syria, in Iraq, no one hears the children cry. Not when they are beheaded. Not when they are buried alive. Nor the cries of the women and young girls now used as sex slaves. Because there are no Jews to blame.

The bottom line is that Israel has never, would never and will never target innocent civilians and certainly not children. Hamas knows well how the Jewish people regard the sanctity of life and they cynically exploit this, using their own people as human shields knowing that the more dead their side can claim, the more Israel is blamed. They understand well how the world views the Jew and they use it – to the detriment of their own people.

Hamas knows that getting the truth out really doesn’t matter in the world we live in. They know that people don’t want to know. Governments do know and yet choose not to know.  Facts are irrelevant when there exists an unstoppable tsunami of worldwide Jew hatred.

And those few people who have the courage to speak out will be silenced…one way or another.

Europe, as we once knew it, is done and Obama, who has single handedly destroyed US respectability, is leading the west in Jew hatred under the guise of anti-Netanyahu policies, while opening the gates for the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and the like to spread their tentacles throughout the States. It’s going to get real ugly and real bloody and it will test the strongest of faith. It already has.

But even when faith is unsteady, I believe that hope does not diminish.

Although everything is turning to rot in the world around us, there will be a new horizon – Engendered by strength, determination and efforts of those who struggle for good to prevail. God only knows when, and after how many tears to be shed.

Our nation has lost so many precious souls and we are in mourning, yet moving ahead resolute and strong, licking our wounds as we battle on in the continuing war.

Because there is no other choice.

And while the present and future appear precarious, there are some things we, the nation of Israel, can be sure of.

We do not need to rely on the fickle and superficial good graces of the world. We do not need or seek anyone’s permission to defend our right to live in our land – to exist. Our defense is in Jewish hands. Our destiny is in Jewish hands.

We will not settle for anything less.

So pardon my French, soon to be defunct and replaced with Arabic, as I say, “Screw you world.”

We are well aware that Israel has the power to finish Hamas once and for all, just as we are aware of the political reasons that Hamas is still standing…for now.  Presently, Israel has no need for or interest in destroying the Hamas government in Gaza and babysitting one and a half million Gaza citizens. Let Fatah and Hamas eventually fight it out amongst themselves.

But when push comes to shove, and it inevitably will, whether they call themselves Hamas, Fatah, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbolah or Islamic Jihad – whether they are backed by the EU, the US, Qatar or Iran, we will face our enemies.

And we will win.

About the Author
Author of THE GILBOA IRIS (Gefen Publishing House) and SETTLING FOR MORE: FROM JERSEY TO JUDEA (Urim Publications).
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