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September’s turning (photo essay with music)

Ray of light (photo, Stephen Horenstein)
Ray of light (photo, Stephen Horenstein)

The summer slate is clean.

Three (photo by the author)

Two more turns and cool air streams to the touch. Coolness everywhere, the fluff forms filling September skies, speed tests whizzing by, running fluidly, the whites, greys, blues filling the heart, mind’s clear where now to go?…

Blog cloud and light (by the author)

…Sleet is far but cool dew forms easily on plants now allowed to freely grow.  Trapped inside, the rusted key, broken record, sounds of tinsel and mashed potato with poetry’s faint song bringing us out of dumb doldrums, silence cuts joy, tinnitus cuts silence…

Original painting by Jacob Yona


Toward Infinity, (by Stephen Horenstein, Lior Navok, with Jeffery Kowalsky /The Butterfly Effect Ensemble, from The Natives are Restless, JICM Recordings)

…The turning of September is all too fast, summer turns slow-paced, refreshing winds meld with tree tingles, perky, branching dances float ecstasy, thousands of leaves finally dancing, jigs, jollied from time-worn summer cushions, parched throats, bad blood, tired energy sporting a neighborhood’s dogs’ incessant barks, no matter, no matter at all….

Meditating, Drawing (photo by Eliana Horenstein)(

Pizz Pazz  (composed by the Author) Pizzicato strings and other instruments.

…behold! the school season, the fur time, out time, quick time spouting lurid tales about what winter will want, when, no longer standing, we extend our fall, falling over, forward, backwards, braced but still falling, a deep sadness of fall moods, as far as the eye can feel…

Coffee Doodle (by Jacob Yona)

then, looking inward, a new journey without clock time, a journey tingling with tough branches, new year’s penance, when mind, body are one, deaf to damped out from arguments, yells, dissonant spinning, infinite distances, discomfort, stepping of toes, not loving, heat stroke, no go, building slow, fading… far far away, searching bliss, touch, embrace…in the mirror…a stranger. It’s the season, that’s the reason…

Self-portrait (by the author)

….for a long journey’s ahead, far-flung, riding on speed-breaking clouds, flight cases, chorale music, far away, healing.  Clouds gather “sheepily”, silently racing across blue-black fields, cutting light clumps gathering in “mistful” trails, crying “it’s September”….

Darkening skies (by the author)

…the winds churning, waking, arousing.  Tinny balalaikas, reedy flutes, sinewy sounds, a different parade, distant touchings, timely tracks of a silent tale…

Vertical flow (photo by the author)

…but now, gather around the campfire.  There’s more. Turn toward the wall and stand in silence.  Remember what you did yesterday (if you can). The past fades, the future not.

Past machinations (by the author)

The music continues into the night, while strange reflections appear in the September morning, clear, crisp, fast moving shudders, new blue territory….unforgettable (until next Fall).

Astral projection (photo by the author)

from Circus, (Sound painting/composition by Stephen Horenstein)

About the Author
Stephen Horenstein is a composer, researcher and educator. His repertoire of musical works has been performed and recorded worldwide. He has been a recipient of the Israel Prime Minister's Prize for Composers and the National Endowment of the Arts (USA). His teaching has included Bennington College, Brandeis University, Tel Aviv University, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance; residencies at Stanford University, York University, California Institute of the Arts, and others. He is Founder and Director of the Jerusalem Institute of Contemporary Music, established in 1988 to bring the music of our time to a wider audience.
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