Jeff Spitzer
Jeff Spitzer

Seriousness of US and UK Military Support to Lebanon

This is a call to attention to those citizens of Israel, those who live in Israel, those who support the existence and safety of those people and the State of Israel. In a world of fleeting and changing frienships and alliances significant dvelopments may still get missed.

Certainly US Secretary of State Pompeo, Sec’s Bolton, Shanahan, UK FM Hammond  and NATO must respond and demand and assure that their weapons and training are not helping a recognized terrorist organization, Hezbollah. They are an arm of  the Islamic Revolutionary  State Iran in Lebanon.

The position of The US, UK, NATO  regarding the US and UK assistance to Lebanese Army must be examined and challenged..   Attached see the article in UK media regarding not only delivery of US helicopters to the Lebanese military but the ongoing assistance, training and support of the UK. Note the visit to Beirut of UK Foreign Minister Phillip Hammond.
Do they train Hezbollah elements!? This must be raised. Are they aware that Hezbollah is now part of Lebanon’s government.?
The world and the UN was informed that Hezbollah has been building infiltration tunneld into Israel from Lebanon. Thankfully the IDF has discovered them and nuetralized them.
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An American born, Israeli, trained, licensed and practiced Trial Lawyer in NYC and Israel. Made Aliya 25 years ago after being an Ass't District Attorney and private Criminal Defense lawyer. Then Justice Ministry in Israel Criminal Law and Legislation and Knesset Commitee participation. Worked in the legal department of the Jerusalem Municipality for AG Eliakim Rubenstein and (PM) Olmert.
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