Shanah Tovah u’metukah!

As Israel and Jews around the world prepare for the Jewish New Year that begins today on Sunday there is much to look forward to in the coming year.

Yes, certain traditions will continue for this holiday. In Israel, everyone will prepare for the longer ‘wait’ as procrastination sets in upon citizens and bureaucrats alike because of a bonanza of festivals ending of Sukkot on October 1. Indeed, the whole month is a yearly excuse HAHA to procrastinate and eat. Additionally, it is interesting to note that a survey by Hebrew University’s Sergio Della Pergola states the Jewish population around the world is around 14.7 million. Not bad for the chosen people!

The New Year also means that Israel will continue to be under attack, as Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said Sunday sharing that the IDF had thwarted several terror attacks meant to disrupt Rosh Hashanah celebrations. The Jewish people around the world also must remain vigilant as attacks upon persons and property in Germany and the U.K. and elsewhere are a sober reminder of hatred towards Israel and antisemitism continues. That, however, should not prevent Israeli’s and Jews around the world from remaining resilient, proud, and unafraid.

Israel continues to create new alliances with former foes, reaffirm strong relationships with its friends and seek peace with its neighbors.

In the coming year, may Israel and the Jewish people be blessed.

Happy Rosh Hashanah. Shanah Tovah umetukah

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Dr. Aaron Walter teaches International Relations. He writes on American foreign policy towards Israel. In addition to topics directly related to U.S.-Israeli politics, he has written on the presidency and security studies as linked to U.S., Europe, and Israeli studies
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