Tanya Hajek
Host of Niagara to Israel with Love Celebrations

Shifting the course of Canada towards the Holy Land

‘Niagara to Israel with Love 2020’ has gone VIRAL!! See how in our virtual, worldwide celebration

It is my highest honour, privilege and great pleasure to be able to organize and host this destiny defining initiative for the nation of Canada. As a native Serbian with the Jewish heart, Slovak citizen, Czech daughter in law, becoming proud Canadian, a passionate lover of my Niagara Region and falling in love with my American neighbour, I advocate, hope and long for Canada, Slovakia and Czech Republic to follow American footsteps in moving our Embassies to Jerusalem, the eternal Jewish Capital, embracing Serbia’s example, as the first European Country to announce this HISTORIC move.
Niagara to Israel with Love’ is breaking the ground for Canada to build a deep, strong, lasting foundation of the TRUE friendship with Israel, in deeds and not in words only. That means:
– moving our Embassy to Jerusalem
– recognizing Golan Heights as Israel’s Land
– having all our UN votes cast in favour of God’s Holy Land and His Chosen People
– increasing our funds for IDF support
– protecting Jewish students and their Clubs in our schools and Universities from hate speech, intimidation, verbal and physical attacks, making such actions punishable by the Law and swiftly prosecuting the perpetrators.
That’s what I call a TRUE friend in deeds, and not in words only.  SAGC is our 4-letter mandate: shifting, aligning, gathering and calling:
1. SHIFTING the course of Canada towards the epicentre of the world – the Land of Israel
2. ALIGNING the heart of our nation with the Father’s heart of love for His Chosen Jewish nation
3. GATHERING the nations to favour Zion, to speak tenderly to Jerusalem – the eternal Jewish Capital
4. CALLING all Tribes to honour the 12 Tribes of Israel, saying your people are our people and your God is our God
It is about Canada getting it right concerning The Land, her nation, their Capital and the 12 Tribes. We are fulfilling our mandate out of Niagara Falls, the pride of Canadian and American nations, the heart of our gorgeous, mutual Niagara Region and the gathering place of all nations, as one of the world wanders. We are connecting our three lands on that heart to heart level, on the national border between two world powers, staunchest supporters of Israel in the International Community – USA and Canada. 
Enjoy the video presentation of our 2020 celebration and JOIN US next year in person! Sing, dance, rejoice with us and WATCH spectacular Niagara illumination with fireworks in honour of Israel L I V E !! 
Am Yisrael Chai 🙂
About the Author
Tanya Hajek is a writer, Real Estate Investor, Evangelical Zionist, Jewish-Christian Communities bridge builder. She organized and hosted the most extravagant celebration of Israel’s 70th in Canada (City/Government officials, Israeli Consul General & Economic Attaché present) with glorious 7-min fireworks for Israel’s 7 decades above Niagara Falls and illuminated the Falls in honour of Israel’s national flag for the 1st time in history. Born only 30 miles from historic Pranjani Airport where brave Serbian villagers rescued over 500 US Airmen during WWII; continuously living on borders (Serbian-Croatian; Slovak-Austrian and US-CAN), holding triple citizenship & speaking 4 languages, being a natural bridge-builder is who she is. As a grandchild of a Holocaust survivor, passion to see the nations of the world coming to the realization of the importance of favouring Zion is in her DNA. Tanya Hajek answers the call of raising up 21st Century Esther’s Army.
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