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Short Poem, inspired from Parsha Tetzaveh: Forever Shall Remain

A short poem I wrote inspired by Parsha Tetzaveh, Exodus 27:20

Forever Shall Remain

“And thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring unto thee pure olive oil beaten for the light, to cause a lamp to burn continuously.”

Dear God, we thank you for this gift, To transform from our past and to connect with You anew, To kindle a flame that burns bright and true.

Each of us can be different now, Letting go of the past, we take a bow, Grateful for challenges that bring us near, To become a flame that burns without fear.

We remember we are one flame, That can continuously experience this transformation game,

A union of passion and discovery, A substance that can burn forever in harmony.

The purity that burns inside, Shines outside, where it can’t hide, Touching all that it can find,

Leaving a mark that’s so refined.

The olives are the light and sefirot of perseverance, Netzach, gratitude, Hod’s, and our land of continuity, Yesod, binding us in unity.

These are the sparks that connect to Your earthy presence, Malkhut’s sefirah.

The Ner Tamid forever burns, For we are eternal, in Your love we yearn.

The Torah tells of a holy flame, A light that forever shall remain, Burning bright and shining true, Guiding us always, to be close to You.

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Biblical quotations are based on the English translation of the Jewish Publication Society of 1917, now in the public domain.

About the Author
A teacher of Torah, hypnotherapist, and artist. She has over 15 years experience organizing a variety of Jewish classes, and previously served as a synagogue board member and a Scout leader. She has studied psychology, physics, and Judaic studies. She aims to be elegantly interdisciplinary in all her work, to reflect the richness, beauty, and depth of life and Judaism. She is also finishing up her first novel, Girl Between Realms, a story of Jewish mysticism and Torah through the lens of one young woman’s journey. Also finishing up a book called, Better Than You Wished, that teaches Self Hypnosis with Gd through poetry, Torah and beautiful science. She is based in Paris, (like her last name), where she promoted the first community-wide series of Jewish events on sustainability.
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