Should We Call for French Restraint?

In light of recent events, I began to wonder how different the response would be had the ISIS attacks taken place in Israel. I don’t mean to take away from the murder of innocents – murder is always murder and should always be condemned – but do French lives matter more than Israeli lives? Would Facebook be filled¬†with profile pictures covered in the Israeli flag? Would the entire world be lighting up their buildings in blue and white? Would anyone stand with Israel?

The answer is no.

Obviously, I condemn the attacks. Obviously I want France to hunt down ISIS and kill them all. Obviously, I empathize with the people who are suffering. But I cannot help the way I feel – angry! Angry at the double standard in the world. Angry that no matter how hard we all fight to get people to see our side, the side of innocent Israeli victims of terror, we’re completely ignored! Angry at the media who portrays French attacks with complete accuracy but Israeli attacks with absolute bias.

There is no justification for terror anywhere, in France or in Israel, but how can we all jump on the bandwagon in supporting France and ignore everything they’ve done recently. They condemn Israel every chance they get and call for restraint any time we are attacked – imagine us calling for restraint now? They’ve already started airstrikes against ISIS in Syria today. Should we call for UN condemnation? No. That’s ridiculous! Right?

They have also started labeling every product from Israel, making it easier for buyers to boycott Israeli products. Under the guise of a bureaucratic decision, they have politically endorsed and enforced the boycott of Israeli products, confirming the “illegality” of Israeli settlements. They have made their position crystal clear in regards to Israel, so why are we ignoring it?

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24 year old Israeli-American girl (woman?) who advocates for everyone who needs advocacy. Emotional writer. NYU grad. Want (*need) to write for sanity purposes.
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