Siggy Flicker Fights The Real War — Defending Israel, Not Storylines

Reality Star Siggy Flicker Left The RHONJ By Choice and Social Media Pushes Her Back
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Wind and Rain Wouldn’t Ruin Our Parade With Dani Dayan

Way before Sigalit Flicker was a reality star, bestselling author, relationship specialist and standing room only featured speaker, the outspoken beauty was a Jew, Israeli-born daughter of a Holocaust survivor and soldier of words at war with those that support Radical Moslem Terrorists, Holocaust Deniers and Supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement.

Note: Every picture is at a Zionist/Jewish/Israeli Event

When social media had her in a war of words with fans of current Real Housewives Of New Jersey housewife, Margaret Josephs, Flicker fought back. She finally had to — as a new season of the Bravo show began and websites and media outlets were publishing false reports about her. At first, she ignored them, until one was so vicious, Flicker and her family were getting abused and felt emotionally drained.

Let’s make a point very clear. Flicker left the reality show on her own accord. During the seasons as the “token Jew” among the housewives, Flicker shared her family’s unique Jewish history.

Her mother was a Sephardic beauty from Iraq, whose family moved to Israel amongst the attacks on them there.

Her father, Dr. Mordecai Paldiel is A Holocaust survivor, a renowned scholar, author, and leading expert on rescue during the Holocaust. He is the former Director of Israel’s Holocaust authority – the Department of the Righteous at Yad Vashem, a position he held for 24 years.

Her father was born in Belgium. During the Holocaust, he and his family fled to France where they were rescued by a Catholic Priest who was able to smuggle the entire family into Switzerland on the heels of the German invasion. Paldiel has devoted his entire career to honoring those Righteous Gentiles (non Jews) who risked their lives to save Jews during one of the most horrific times in history. To date, Paldiel is responsible for honoring over 18,000 Righteous Gentiles from all over the world.

They met and married in Israel.

Siggy was born in Israel during the Six Day War, when Israel overcame many hostile armies threatening its very existence.

When Flicker was asked to appear on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she was thrilled to be the first Jewish member of the cast. She was committed to showcasing her family, her heritage and her religion. She was proud to introduce the audience to her parents and family. Her favorite moments on the show were when parents had Kiddush on air and showed the importance of Jewish pride. Flicker was proud that Bravo filmed Her father explaining the Holocaust Park in Brooklyn to his grandchildren.

Then came the “Hitler” moment when Margaret Joseph’s looked at the only Jewish Housewife, Siggy Flicker whom she hadn’t been getting along with and referenced Hitler. It was a that moment that Flicker knew she would not stay silent and sound the alarm! When Margaret mentioned Hitler in the middle of a conversation that was far removed from anything having to do with him, it was solely for one purpose — to get Siggy upset.

If the conversation had to do with World War II, with the Holocaust, and with the Nazis — then it would have made sense to mention this person, surely history’s greatest criminals. But the mention of his name in a conversation about a fund-raising activity for a distraught family, was completely out of place.

Hence, Siggy Flicker left RHONJ & spending her time doing what she loves most & that is he role as mother, wife & “Ambassador for Israel.”

It was at that time we met, I was successful activist myself. We knew our mission was one. Siggy Flicker won’t look back, she doesn’t even discuss the show. As anti-Semitism is on the rise internationally, her own college-age children see firsthand the hate for Israel and Jews on college campuses and fear of rockets attacking Israel daily, her time is filled with live appearances and press sharing facts about Israel and the Jewish people.

In the time she left the reality show, Flicker and her family have been to Israel and guests of international Jewish and Zionist dignitaries. She is a spokesperson for many groups including Stand With Us, Israel Bonds, Hadassah, Friends Of the Israeli Defense Forces and many others.

Flicker was a Grand Marshall at the Annual Salute To Israel Day Parade and stood next to me when I co-chaired the Concert in Central Park, Israel at 70 event.

Now, as new nasty stories are public, I am being asked to comment. Here is my official statement:

Siggy Flicker is way too busy in her new position as relationship specialist in educating, engaging and promoting Jews and Israel. She wishes the current season cast all the best, even speaks regularly with some of them, but would rather joke about a good hummus rather a good Hitler.

In addition to all her work on behalf of Israel, Siggy Flicker has appeared on several talk shows, including the Steve Harvey Show, discussing relationships and commitments.

Flicker lives by the mottos:
And don’t just be

Our reality star has no time to deal with petty words and jokes about the new season of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey.

For Siggy “Real News” check out her website:

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