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Signs you’re ready for the elections in Israel

With the elections quickly approaching here in Israel, it’s difficult to escape the political debate. Whether you’re at a pub, the breakroom at work, or waiting in line at the post office, you’re bound to have at least one person approach you asking who you’re going to vote for. That’s Israel for you, the land of Chutzpa!

Here are the signs you’re truly ready for the elections here in Israel, and you can head to the polls feeling confident in your decision regardless of what your nosey neighbor may have to say about it.

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a. You’ve set your countdown and you know exactly how much time is left until you’re expected to be at your polling place to cast your ballot.

b. You already attended all of the Meetups in your area, including KolOleh’s meeting with Shimon Peres discussing Israel’s political process.

c. You deeply considered, yet gratefully rejected Benji Lovitt’s light the ‘ballot on fire’ idea.

d. You’ve taken every quiz on Facebook that claims to tell you who you should vote for based on answering 5 short questions.

e. You’ve gotten into so many hard headed political debates with your friends, you’re not even sure you’ll be able to look at them the same after.

f. Your family is strictly divided during Shabbat dinner over who’s voting for Bibi and well, everyone else.

g. You’ve resorted to magic to resolve your voting dilemma and you came to the realization it doesn’t really matter who you vote for because black magic will have its way (but you’re still going to vote anyway because you’re an outstanding citizen).

h. You thoroughly stalked all candidates via social media.

i. You look to your friends from abroad as an escape from talking about the elections, and they too want to know who you’re voting for.


Save the date, elections in Israel are on March 17th – you still have plenty of time to get ready if you’re not already. And if you’re ready for the madness to be over hang in there just a bit longer.


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