Eva Vadasz
Eva Vadasz

Siren during Yom HaShoah at Atarim square in Tel Aviv

There is a kind of happiness when wandering the streets and flowers start falling from the sky. In Atarim Square magic happens under the shade of its concrete umbrellas.

The cobble stones play Vivaldi while on the overpass we fling about the petals and sprinkle them onto the foreheads of the passers-by. Gentlemen lift ladies’ handkerchiefs from the sidewalk and return them with twinkling eyes and suggestive half-smiles. The flowers fondle and caress their faces, joining the dance. The courtyard of the rightly reputed Pussy Cat strip bar transforms into a lavish and elegant ballroom in seconds. Crooning strawberry-banana juices in beach-bags at the concrete paddles wait for the four and six tram to arrive with the cheerful ding-dong of its ringing bells. The musical echo of the ball fades into unison with the tinkering, until we realize that Blaha Lujza Square has not sashayed to Tel Aviv to us from Budapest. Once fallen from heaven, the spell melts into the air, unnoticed.

Currently the lavish and elegant concrete umbrellas of social-realistic beauty at Kikar Atarim are being demolished. Some are happy more are sad from the neighborhood but everyone hopes for more sea view without future skyscrapers.

Siren during Yom HaShoah, 10am 24 April, 2017, Atarim square.

The original post was published in Hungarian today at izraelinfo.com

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Eva Vadasz is from Budapest. Before making aliya, she finished the Year Program at Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem.
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