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Situation in Gaza after elimination of Hamas

Situation in Gaza after elimination of Hamas

On December 12, 2023 the hypocritical, corrupt and antisemitic UN General Assembly voted in favor of Gaza ceasefire. The countries voting for ceasefire would gladly express sorrow for the Jewish people when the Jews are losing the fight but strong and powerful state of Israel is unacceptable in the minds of this assembly of hypocrites.

Often the situation in Gaza, in the case of the successful elimination of Hamas by IDF, is compared to rehabilitation of Germany and Japan after Second World War.  Both countries had progressed to the parliamentary democracy form of government which allowed them to mobilize and stimulated the nation’s ability to develop strong economies and prosperity for their people.

The emperor of Japan, Hirohito, accepted unconditional surrender of his empire to the Allied Forces. The emperor Hirohito at this time was considered by people of Japan as a deity and the people of Japan accepted the defeat. After the Second World War the constitution of Japan was written by administration of the General Douglas MacArthur, an Allied commander who was sent by the US government to oversee the occupation of Japan and to guide the country toward democratic reforms.

The first Chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany after WWII was Konrad Adenauer. Chancellor Adenauer is considered as a transformational figure who changed the face of Germany and Europe. Konrad Adenauer in his speech on September 20, 1949 refused to accept the denazification process initiated by the Allied Military administrations and wanted to introduce an amnesty for the Nazi war criminals. I understand, in the context of time, why the Allied countries, USA, Britain and France, accepted the suggestions by Konrad Adenauer. The Cold War just began and there was a need to build a coalition of countries against the Stalin’s USSR. For me personally and for many people the fact that the Nazis had avoided the justice is an insult to six million plus Jews perished in the Holocaust. At the present united Germany is a prosperous parliamentary democracy.

It is important to stress there was a complete withdrawal of IDF and pullout of Israeli residents from Gaza in 2005. The population of Gaza had an opportunity to choose the form of government and the way of life they want. Israel left equipment and structures of various industries intact for the population of Gaza to use it. These equipment and structures were willingly destroyed by Palestinians. The financial assistance of substantial amount was also available to people of Gaza to build a prosperous and peaceful Gaza but the finances were used to arm Hamas.

The population of Gaza has elected Hamas in 2006 accepting its ideology of Palestinian statehood from river to the sea which means no to state of Israel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state of Israel in the document “Israel, the Conflict and Peace: Answers to Questions” states “Hamas extremist ideology does not allow it to make any compromises with Israel. Its charter declares that Israel will be obliterated by Islam, and Hamas declares in its official slogan that “Jihad is its path and death for the sake of Allah is the loftiest of its wishes. Hamas has brought nothing but violence to the citizens of Israel and nothing but tragedy to the Palestinians.” The position of Palestinian Authority towards Israel only slightly differs from virulent position of Hamas. “Peace can never reign between Israel and the Palestinians as long as generation-after-generation of Palestinians are being fed a never-ending diet of anti-Israel incitement. True acceptance of Israel’s right to exist in peace cannot be achieved solely through signatures on a piece of paper: it must also exist in the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people.” The indoctrination and incitement of the Palestinian people with hatred towards Israel and Jewish people is the main roadblock on the peace in the area.

“The Palestinian education system, media, literature and cinema have been mobilized for the extreme anti-Israel indoctrination, which at times degenerates into blatant antisemitism. This incitement to hatred and violence is pervasive in Palestinian society. It exists in nursery schools and kindergartens, youth movements, schools, universities, mosque sermons and street demonstration.” The education in Gaza is delivered by Hamas, by United Nations Reliefs and Works Agency (UNWRWA) and by some private schools. The Gaza schools text books and curriculum are full with the antihuman and antisemitic information which indoctrinates the children to welcome terrorism and violence. As per the study conducted by the Institute for Monitoring Pease and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE) the content of the school programs run by the UNWRWA teaches children to be martyrs, shows the Palestinian homeland map which includes the territory of the state of Israel as part of the Palestinian homeland.

It says the document by Ministry of Foreign Affairs which was quoted above was updated the last time in 2009. Nothing has changed in the last decade plus in the relationship between Israel and Hamas or Israel and PA. The tragedy of the October 07,2023  shows the situation became even worse. The ceasefire and pauses with Hamas did not work before and it won’t work now. Hamas will declare a victory and continue terrorism and brutality towards Israel.

Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) conducted a poll in West Bank and Gaza between November 22 and December 2, 2023.  Findings of the poll indicate that a majority of the respondents believe the Hamas decision to carry out the offensive on October 07 is correct and more than 90% of the responders stated they do not believe the Hamas fighters committed any atrocities during the attack of October 07, 2023. The large majority of the respondents believe that Hamas will emerge victorious from the war and resume control over the Gaza Strip after the war. The Arab World for Research & Development (AWRAD) conducted a poll from October 31 to November 7, 2023. 98% of responders stated they will never forget and forgive what Israel did and 59% strongly support or (16%) support to some extent the October 07 attack carried out by Hamas.

Can Gaza produce a leader who will accept the Hamas defeat as did emperor Hirohito of Japan after defeat in the war? Can the population of Gaza accept the occupation of Gaza by Israel or by Arab countries, as did Japan for many years, and accept the constitution provided to them by the occupying force?

Can Gaza produce a leader like Konrad Adenauer, a smart and shrewd politician who had a vision for Germany to become a parliament democracy? Can population of Gaza accept the change in the educational curriculum which will emphasize the tolerance and acceptance of the State of Israel as an equal partner in the honest negotiations?

We can only hope that after the Hamas elimination there will be a person in Gaza  with a strong character and courage of Anwar Sadat who will call for his/her people to build new and prosperous Gaza living in peaceful coexistence with Israelis.

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I am a retired health care worker from Canada who is acutely aware of the serious situation the State of Israel is experiences at the present. I fly from Calgary to Ottawa on December 4,2023 to be part of the rally in the support of state of Israel and in the support of the release of the hostages.
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