So, Stabbers Do Get Shot

This photo-shopped (yes, fake) mockup of a BBC headline, written as if it was relating to news from the slaughter in Paris but highlighting how the news comes out of Israel is making the social media rounds:


The more black humor flippancy joke goes: did you hear of the Jewish neck that attacked an Arab knife?

But then Sweden’s Foreign Monster, sorry, Minister raises the level of lunacy, managing to blame Israel’s administration of Judea and Samaria, portions of the Jewish homeland originally intended to included in a future state, as even the United States presumed in 1919 while getting ready for the 1919 Versailles Peace Conference as this document notes:

American Plans and Preparations — The Paris Peace Conference, 1919, vol I, p.

Somehow, media standards fail and fall when the Middle East, and especially Jews, are the subject.  Yes, they fail in other places, but nowhere else, in my opinion, is media bias so consistent, expected, pervasive and shallow than Israel.

The shooting of Arabs, terrorists, who were trying to kill Jews eventually evolved into a journalistic theme that basically questioned the need to do so, a legitimate subject, but in some outlets became a damning indictment of Israeli aggression including attempts to portray many of the incidents as cases where IDF soldiers and/or police were planting weapons near the bodies to postmortem justify the lethal action employed not to mention the NBC bloke who was caught out having extremely poor vision.

Bias is, among other things, when Israel is treated differently.  For example, I found this item, a real story published here on November 15th:

A man who was shot at Union Station on Saturday night in a confrontation with an off-duty Baltimore County police officer from Maryland was identified Sunday by D.C. police as Rashad Bugg-Bey, 25, of Northeast Washington.

Police said he was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

According to police, a man slashed a woman with a knife about 8:15 p.m. just outside the entrance to the Metro station at Union Station. The victim and the assailant, who still had the knife, went toward the officer, police said.

As the man approached the officer, the officer ordered him to drop the knife, but he did not and was shot. District police said the officer was a Baltimore County officer.

I do not know if Mr. Bugg-Bey is a Muslim or not as that is besides the point.  And yes, another paper, the Baltimore Sun, did included the term “allegedly”, as did this site so,

Rashad Bugg-Bey of Northeast D.C. was shot by the officer after he allegedly stabbed a woman

whereas the WashPost did not but perhaps there’s was filed and edited a bit later after there was no doubt.  In fact, the same incident occurred two months earlier in what the police described as a ‘domestic dispute’ when the knife-wielder was shot.

The point is that the stabbings we have suffered this past month or so are not acts of criminality.  They are part of a war that has been declared against Israel and its Jews.  The criteria for combating such activity is different than a policing matter.  The shooting here in Israel was treated to a fierce media scrutiny and criticism whereas very similar events received a more ‘normal’ coverage level.

The media can and should do better.

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Yisrael Medad, currently is a Research Fellow at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem and Deputy Editor of the English Language Anthology of Jabotinsky's Writings. American-born, he and his wife made Aliyah in 1970. He resides in Shiloh since 1981. He was a member of the Betar Youth Movement World Executive and is a volunteer spokesperson for the Yesha Council. He holds a MA in Political Science from the Hebrew University and is active is many Zionist and Jewish projects and initiatives.
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