Bob Ryan
Bob Ryan

Some inconsistencies with environmentalists

There are numerous inconsistencies with environmentalists who offer proposals to save Earth from ourselves through damaging Earth. Just because a claim is made of being environmentally sound does not make the claim environmentally sound.

The push for renewable energy is nothing more than the reliance on wind and solar with no consideration for hydrogen, which is about as environmentally friendly a source of fuel as it gets.

Windmills require perfect weather conditions which exist nowhere on the planet. If there is ice, such as Texas recently experienced, the blades freeze, and people do die. If there is too little or too much wind, they will not operate, since it falls outside of the parameters.

Solar panels are mostly made in China, which is the biggest polluter in the world. There is toxic waste left behind when manufacturing, which China allows to run freely. There are no hazardous waste facilities in China. Everything that doesn’t end up in the water and air, is sent to dumps to join all other waste, including dead bodies.

There is a push for more electric cars, which require greater strain on the powerplants. Most powerplants are coal based, which requires more coal to be burned to keep up with the increased demand. People do not react kindly to power outages and will be even more unruly should they be unable to drive. Plugging in a car may sound good in speeches, but the results are not the decrease being promised. Cars take a great deal of energy from powerplants to charge.

Anyone who claims to support environmental energy sources without mentioning hydrogen has not done real research, no matter which school they attend and what letters fall after their name. Hydrogen has two byproducts, which are heat and water; neither of which are toxic in any way, unlike solar panels. Even without coming close to cracking hydrogen, fuel cells are being created today for use today.

Hydrogen, for anyone who has taken the time to do real research, is the future of energy until cold fusion is cracked. Hydrogen is plentiful on Earth and the most plentiful element in the universe. Once hydrogen gets a little closer to being fully understood, it will be able to fuel rockets and shuttles to reach space, the moon and beyond with no negative byproducts.

One of the ideas currently being pushed to save the environment is to eat no meat, which our bodies require as omnivores. To eat a healthy diet, one must eat both plants and meat. There is no magical pill that can make up for what is lost, since those pills people consume to make up for the loss passes through the body without doing much of anything.

Cows create a lot of methane, which they claim to want to limit, but will only result in more cows creating methane. Not eating cows will enable more cows to live and produce the vast amounts of methane that comes naturally to them.

Not eating meat is in violation of several laws created by God for the Jewish people. One cannot live by the laws by violating the laws, no matter how it is spun. How can one separate meat and dairy if there is no meat to separate?

Environmentalists have dehumanized people to nothing more than animals. They expect man to treat animal as they treat man. God did make man superior to animals, along with a law to be good caretakers of the Earth. That can only work if man is superior to animals in every way. If man is nothing more than an animal, there is no moral requirement to do anything. Morality does not exist in nature.

When environmentalist speak of the horrors of slaughterhouses, including kosher, it is always in human terms, including being humane about how animals are killed. Humane actions are not seen in nature. Predators are vicious without concern for causing pain. Would it be better to let predators kill them before harvesting the meat?

One, that is not inconsistent, but an outright lie, is the idea of CO2 being a greenhouse gas. To be a greenhouse gas, it must be light enough to stay in the upper atmosphere to trap heat between Earth and space. Other than trace elements, there is no CO2 in the upper atmosphere due to it having a heavier weigh, which keeps it close to the ground, where it feeds the plants.

All life on Earth is carbon based, which releases carbon even after death. Those who claim to want no carbon emissions of any kind have no idea that it requires the loss of all life. If they truly believe no carbon to be a good thing, perhaps they should try living on the moon, which is free of greenhouse gasses, both real and perceived.

Some greenhouse gasses are necessary to keep Earth from turning into a ball of ice. Without the heat trapped between Earth and space, all life would freeze to death.

A great inconsistency comes from how environmentalists live compared to the demands they make on others. Just about everything we use today, including glasses of any kind, uses oil to at least some degree. All their fancy gadgets that they like to fawn over uses oil while buying products make in China made in factories that pollute the air, soil and water.

If they really wanted to be taken seriously, they should try living by example and stop buying goods made in China and other countries that have serious environmental issues. Every item they by adds to the pollution China creates with no mention of just how bad things are in China when it comes to pollution and far worse things.

Perhaps, now this might just sound crazy, those environmentalists who have wealth, like Al Gore, could forgo the private planes and mansions. Talking and acting are two very different things.

Israel and the United States both had serious environmental issues in the past that have been dealt with. The major cities no longer see the air they breathe. Rivers no longer run with pollution. The Cuyahoga River in Ohio was so polluted that it caught fire regularly. The last time the Cuyahoga caught fire was in 1969.

Scare tactics may work for children and some adults, but children grow up to remember just how wrong the predictions were. Every prediction made about the end of the world as we know it has failed to come to pass. New York City was no longer supposed to have any snow, yet those living there did experience just that this past winter.

There is a reason their predictions are always wrong. They use to narrow a field to try to force an answer they want. The calculations should not be based on as little as a century, since Earth is billions of years old and a single century tells very little. Go back 11,000 years and the results become fascinating.

The last Great Ice Age was still around. Massive amounts of water were trapped in ice. About half the Earth was covered in thick ice. The environment, in much of the world, would have been unhospitable to just about everything.

About 10,800 years ago, the Great Ice ended, which resulted in the ice beginning to melt and continues to melt to this day. Ice ages come and go throughout Earth’s long history. There was no manufacturing of any kind to bring the last one to an end and won’t be manufacturing to bring on the next one. Ice ages are a natural part of Earth’s history and future.

Water levels have been rising for thousands of years without man doing anything to bring it on and will not be man that brings it to an end. Rising water comes with ice ages ending, just as lowering water comes with ice ages beginning. Nothing man can do is comparable to nature.

Rather than demonizing man, there should be encouragement for the innovations that have led the way to a cleaner environment. There should be a push for hydrogen and other breakthroughs that will take us even further, not look back to the way things were with hatred for people.

Many countries have come a long way, which should be met with praise rather than scorn. Rather than telling people they need to buy more goods from China, such as solar panels, they should pressure their own governments to stop trading with the worst of the polluters on Earth.

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Bob Ryan is a science-fiction author and believes the key to understanding the future is to understand the past. As any writer can attest, he spends a great deal of time researching numerous subjects. He is someone who seeks to strip away emotion in search of reason, since emotion clouds judgement. Bob is an American with an MBA in Business Administration. He is a gentile who supports Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state.
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