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Some Jewish Antisemites are among the worse spreaders

It’s an uncomfortable subject but should not be taboo

The Free World over, Jews get the spotlight in demonstrations against Israel and the ‘genocide’ that it commits in Gaza. Their placards read: “Not in my name.” “Stop the genocide,” confirming the fake numbers from Chamas and the inciting Pallywood clips in the news. “From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free [from Jews],” as if that would not be genocide.

It cannot be that some Jews take the lead in spreading Jew-hatred and are not held accountable. So, here follows a reckoning that doesn’t look away.

The most supported definition of Antisemitism doesn’t say that saying oppressive things about Jews has to come from non-Jewish mouths.

How would it be OK for some Jews to hate Israel but not for Jews to hate Jews who hate Israel?


I’m not talking about Israelis who have complaints against the Jewish State. That’s part of normal politics. The poor are too poor, or the poor get too much attention. Part of every capitalist society and democracy.

I’m also not talking about Israelis who moved to greener pastures for different reasons. Maybe it was an inability to amass money or have a Gay Happy Minyan here, etc. But they miss Israel. They cherish warm memories. They’re still connected. They’ll be back.

I’m neither talking about Jews fanatically supporting minorities and the vulnerable against powerful State institutions. And most US Jews vote left. This is such a beautiful side of Judaism doing us proud. In our hospitals, we even treat the sick of Peoples who hate us for free. Fantastic is the record number of groups in Israel against racism or for protection of children. (Not to be confused with Anti-Zionist activists paid by non-Israeli human rights groups that tend to attract Anti-Zionists who spread lies and incite against the Jewish State.)

Two thousand years of persecution gave rise to the unfortunate legendary Jüdische Selbsthaße: Jewish self-hatred. That’s quite different from hating Jews. It can be compared to Blacks wanting to be Whites. Some examples:

● Feeling ashamed or plain terrified about being Jewish or other Jews.
● Wanting to be taller, blonder, or having blue eyes.
● Preferring Gentiles because they don’t have this angst that reminds us of our own panic and stress.
● To choke up when a Gentile stands with us while a Jew speaking the same words doesn’t move us.
● Feeling more connected with Black Gentile refugees than with Ultra-Orthodox Jews, West-Bank religious Jews, or random fellow Jews.
● Dreaming of a quiet life and not being recognized as Jewish.
● Trying to be ‘more reasonable’ to Israel than ‘reasonable’ Gentiles.
● Bending over backward to prove you would not play favorites with Jews.

Neither am I talking about Jews who converted out. They were fooled. How do I know? If becoming Christian really was a step up, they would fight Antisemitism in the Church like crazy. (Just as ex-Gay men, if really ‘healed,’ would fight Homophobia day and night.) Yet, a baptized Jew can develop into a feisty Antisemite, lying that the Talmud teaches hatred, etc.

Then, there are the Jewish extreme Secularists. They know nothing about Judaism and assume that without it, we’d all be Hebrew-speaking Gentiles no longer bothered by Rabbis or Antisemites. They assume Judaism is a religion like Christianity or Islam, something you can shed as unbeliever. They guess that Judaism is about a relationship with G^d only, while a proper attitude to fellow humans, Jews, and oneself (perfecting our character traits) is more important in Judaism. They don’t realize sharply enough that Jews are a People with an unalienable culture and shared history. And that Judaism is just a part of that culture. Teaching them some Judaism and Jewish history (without trying to get them to be religious) may cure them of their antipathy just stemming from a lack of knowledge.

I’m not pointing fingers at US Jews telling Israel what to do and what not to do. Most likely, that’s ‘just’ US arrogance, supremacy, and imperialism.


No, I mean people who noisily claim to be Israeli, ex-Israeli, or Jewish (or ‘having Jewish roots’) and who dirty the Jewish State. Their causes are not grievances. Their aim is to fight the Zionist enterprise. They boast of being Jewish (or Jew-ish) trying to dispel any accusation of Antisemitism. They imply their Gentile Jew-hating co-activists are no Antisemites either. But, just as a woman can be an anti-feminist, a Jew can be an Antisemite.

Most of them know hardly anything about life in the Jewish State. Some of them know but knowingly lie about it, especially the ultra-left-wing.

Their proofs are from Antisemitic, Nazi, and terrorist literature and fables. They give these lies a hechsher (kosher certificate). They are like the pig stretching forth its front legs as if saying: “Look, I’m kosher. My hoofs are split.” (It hides there is a second criterion; they don’t rechew their cud. In classical Jewish literature, the pig is hated as a symbol of dishonesty.)

These Jewish Anti-Zionists (They are not against Zionists but against the Jewish State, so the A must be capitalized, just as in Anti-Semites.) do extra damage because they spread Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism energetically. As Jews, they pretend to have inside info that would justify their hatred.

First of all, these are the extreme-Left Jews, from Marxist-Leninist to Woke to Intersectionalist activists, knowing from theory that every ethnicity and People has a right to self-determination and self-governance, but the Jews.

The worst is the English openly self-proclaimed Anti-Zionist daily Haaretz. The Hebrew version is much less anti-Israel. It must sell among Israelis. But the English version is the favorite source of ME news among Nazis and Antisemites. That should count for something. IMHO, printing or issuing it from Israel should be outlawed. Let its hate and lies come in from the Diaspora and not from here with this false insider information aureole.

The most ridiculous may be Jewish-Gay men glorifying Chamas over Israel. In Gaza, the police would kill them, while in Israel, they’ll protect them.

And then there is the ‘Ultra-Orthodox’ fringe group Neturei Karta. They are diehard Antisemites always welcome in the halls of power of Iran—the world’s greatest advocate of the extermination of Jews. They hire Gentiles dressed up as Ultra-Orthodox Jews to shout at revelers in Gay Parades.

Let’s not omit the thoroughly dishonest academic Jews who claim to have proof that the Jews are not Jews at all. If you’d believe them, it’s all a hoax.

Most disgusting are the ex-IDF soldiers who accuse Israel’s army of every crime in the book. They are a bunch of disgruntled liars who hide that their hatred stems from self-hatred they always had. How do I know? All their accusations of soldiers (as slick liars, they include themselves) are punishable by the IDF. They won’t tell you that. Every law system fails to punish every last wrongdoer, but the existing laws still make a difference.

We know that all Anti-Zionism is Antisemitism. Just like anti-feminist equals sexist. What unites these Jewish Anti-Zionists is a deep hatred of Jews. Not that they will admit that. No, they are most decent, reputable pro-Palestinian, pro-secularism individuals (except regarding Jews).

Since at the core of Antisemitism lies deceit about Jews, don’t be surprised when Anti-Zionist Jews present themselves as decent and honest.

In the Netherlands, the Nazis postponed going after intermarried Jews not to upset the non-Jewish family. Liberation saved them. Most Dutch Jews who survived the War were intermarried. Half of their kids weren’t Jewish for Orthodox Jewish Law, and most of their Jewish parents had preferred a Gentile partner, though some maybe did so to save themselves from the Nazis. But many of them surely transmitted their Jewish self-hatred to their kids, who, by many, also are not considered as truly Jewish. We can only imagine the hate they feel for anything Jewish. Yet, do I have so much empathy for them that I give them a pass at spreading Antisemitism (never about their personal story but hidden in ‘love for the Palestinians’)? No, I don’t. All abusers were abused as kids, but that gives no license to abuse.

The only thing I can say in their support is that they are terrified to be identified with the Jews they hate so much. They too are victims of Antisemitism. They feel they must prove that they are ‘better’ than them. They trash other Jews to appear worthier. Yet, these victim roots don’t render them innocent as promotors of genocide against the Jewish People. They don’t sit in a Nazi concentration camp where their only way to really survive is not to revolt or even cooperate. They are free to return home to the Jewish People right now but refuse. Not because they can’t, but because they look down on them, hate them, and are revolted by them. They are better and superior, and everyone needs to hear that.


This is what Gentile Zionists should tell them: I like Jews. Bibi is not as bad as you paint him. You are too negative and upset to be taken seriously. You should learn more pride about being Jewish because you only flaunt it when you’re negative about other Jews. Why are you a super-democrat at home, but in the ME, you turn into a supporter of terrorists and dictators? What makes you think that you’re morally superior to millions of Israeli Jews and the IDF combined? When are you going to stand up against the haters of Jews instead of cuddling them? Your indignation seems very selectively geared toward the Jewish State. You dislike three Israeli Jews and condemn all eight million of them for it—that is Jew-hatred. Why don’t you trust Israel’s democracy and its Left to accomplish what you want to enforce upon Israel? Why are you driven by distrust and irritation toward Israel, instead of love and comradery? Why do you pretend to believe reports by known Israel haters like Hamas, the UN, Haaretz, and the like? Can you imagine saying: ‘As a Jew, I trust Israel. Israel has always been the most moral player in the Middle East, if not the whole world. Israelis who misbehave face a tough court system. Israel prides me.’?

NB: I don’t expect Gentile Zionists to change the minds of Jews hating Jews. Rather, I want the latter to get enough opposition so their spreading of Antisemitism is neutralized for Jewish and Gentile bystanders.

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