Shmuel Lemon

Some people blame Titus for the destruction of the Beis Hamikdosh

These are the words of Harav Avraham Schorr, son of Reb Gedlya Schorr former Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas

Our Sages say that the generation at the heels of Moshiach is like the face of a dog.

What does this mean?

Reb Yisroel Salanter (the father of the Mussar movement) explains that when the owner takes a long stick and hits the dog, he sees the stick and jumps at it. He doesn’t realise that there is a person holding the stick. We follow the dog and jump at the stick but don’t realise who is behind the stick.

What is He referring to?   Who is not letting us go to shul, school?

Who are we to blame for our problems? Others will say his name is Deblasio (Mayor of N,York) Others will say its Cuomo (Governor of N.York). We will find names.

We even had the audacity to learn from the blacks to demonstrate.

We even had the audacity to use the language “Jewish Lives Matter”

We lowered ourselves to the lowest of the lowest.

All in the name of what? Of forgetting who is behind the stick.

There is the Ribonoi shel olom (G-d) who is running the world.

Nothing happens because of anybody except because of Hashem

That is the basics, the alef bais of Emunah (belief in G-d). The alef bais of Emunah is realising that every decree that exists and every smack we receive is from Hashem.

And as long as we are not going to remember that, we are going to blame Titus for the destruction of the Bais Hamkdosh. (Temple)  

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Shmuel Lemon has been a communal orthodox Rabbi, teacher, educator and engaged with the Jewish community; presently residing in Edgware England. He had a chareidi background but now considers himself to be a plain orthodox Jew. He has experienced the pulse of today’s adults having being involved with different communities from different backgrounds especially in Israel and Johannesburg. He can be contacted at
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