Some Thoughts Over This Year’s Shavuot

I always look forward to chagim; especially the shalosh regalim of pesach, shavuot and sukkot. Besides for the special times these holidays afford us to have with our family and the rest that we’re able to have from our everyday work; these are unique holidays for different reasons as well. As we know, these are three holidays especially, that are consecrated. 

But as my family and I were celebrating the holiday this year and as families across the globe were; we were interrupted with shocking news of the terrorist attack that took place in Orlando. It’s almost as if Nadia Kiderman was a different person over the course of this particular chag. 

During the former part of the chag, Nadia Kiderman was able to enjoy the holiday with family and have a peace of mind that the normative weeks simply don’t afford me. Going to synagogue is honestly not my favorite part of the holiday. Rather, it’s the time that I’m able to enjoy together with my family at the meals; singing and discussing the true meaning of life. That’s what is truly enjoyable. 

But the Nadia Kiderman of the latter part of Shavuot was a far different one. What was the turning point you might ask? Of course, it was the news of the tragic shooting at a nightclub in Orlando. I’ve recently posted concerning the presidential election. This is the most important election of my lifetime; and I am incredibly frightened by the prospect of a third term of Obama. And that’s exactly what a term of Hillary Clinton would amount to. 

We need someone in the oval office that recognizes the threat radical islam poses to western civilization. It has hit us at home before, and has now hit us again – what else will it take? We need to get smart – fast!

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.
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