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Song for Israel’s King of Peace

Yitzhak Rabin was the State of Israel’s king of peace. Although Rabin had been a soldier during war, he became a champion of peace. This song is a tribute to the Yitzhak Rabin Center in Tel Aviv:

Yitzhak Rabin: King of Peace

Rabin was strong

But his soul always cried

He closed his eyes

And our peace went blind

Now it’s time to clear our mind


Peace was his dream

He knew war wasn’t right

Deep down inside

Freedom was Rabin’s fight

Now mercy and justice are within sight


Rabin is close yet so far

His spirit lives in Israel’s heart

A soldier of peace from the start

Forever trust in who we are

Rabin’s nation will never fall apart


I truly believe

That it’s Rabin’s spirit I feel on the breeze

That you’re still walking right here next to me

Like an angel of God, you set me free


Yitzhak Rabin dreamed of peace from above

He was king of peace and love

Now Israelis and Palestinians are free

Living together like one family tree


The IDF fights for human rights

With our might we do what’s right

Rabin’s legacy is in our sight

Striving for justice every day and night


Gangsters take their homeland back in blood

The blood of sacrifice with mercy and love

Rabin’s spirit is like peace from above

Barack Obama Mandela is a rap music artist known by his stage name “Kid Bacteria”. This song is inspired by “Back in Blood” by Pooh Shiesty featuring Lil Durk.

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