Miriam Simmonds
Yalla, Geulah!

Songs of Old Stir Again

Armed with faith

Through the thick darkness of the last few days, a quiet revolt has been happening. A small whisper though it may be, but perhaps this trickle of light will morph into the rod of lightning we’re so desperately searching for.

Photos sent in from across Israel from women ready for the final redemption with complete and faith

For across the world, Jewish women of all walks of life are arming up with tambourines. Just like ancient times, the tambourine is the silent force of nature. It’s coming back to life. They are prepared and ready to ascend to Jerusalem, to dance and to sing in celebration of our full and final redemption. G-ds final return home.


This is your weapon of mass construction.

Make peace with your loved ones, and with ones you love less.

Open your hearts to one another, and to the One above. Turn to Him because I can assure you no-one else in the world cares about our babies, brothers, sisters, and elderly BODIES, and LIVE HOSTAGES being paraded around the streets of Gaza.

There is no-one to turn to, but Him.

So when I sing and dance with knowledge of our upcoming victory, do not mistake my smile for naivitey; for I have looked death in the eye. It is with intentional happiness.

With my tambourine in hand, and Tehillim in the other. I brandish my weapons in the air.

I’m ready, are you?

I am unafraid.

I am the daughter of Israel.

Brandisher of the weapons handed down by the women of Egypt.

Ishmael is listening closely to our response. What would they do if one by one the people of Israel brandished their ancient weapons in the air and CELEBRATED.

They would flee. Terror.

My belief is so strong, I think of Miriam Ha’neviah waiting in the reeds to see the miracle that would save her brother Moshe from the river. She didn’t doubt he would be saved, she knew it would happen and simply waited to watch the miracle happen. As we watch the news, let’s tap into that paramount belief.

What would happen, dear Israel, if we begin to brandish our tambourines and celebrate our victory?

What would that do for our soldiers on the field?

When you ask what could I possibly do, here’s what you can do. Arm up with your tambourine, or any instrument. Celebrate already. Storm heaven with DEAFENING faith.

For our holy, holy women that we’re defiled, and for the tzaddikim and tzaddikot fighting as we speak. For the safety of every single Jew, join us. Arm yourself with unyielding faith. Ready your instruments to celebrate our victory and the complete and final Geulah. And share it loudly. With the #calltoarms

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Originally from Manchester, England, I moved to Israel in 2018 where I now live with my husband and baby. I feel passionately about all things Torah, Hashem, and spirituality. I love to express this in writing as well as drawing and simply through living. I have a deep love of nature (especially horses!), Israel, learning, and expressing through art.
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