Michal Nordmann
For the love of good.

Speaking up for the hostages does not require bravery.

Age 0-1: Babies are meant to feel safe in their mothers’ arms.
Ages 2-3: Toddlers are meant to begin exploring their world.
Ages 4-7: Young children are meant to get up to mischief, run and climb.
Ages 8-11: They are meant to create, invent, imagine.
Tweens to chat, share stories, have sleepovers.
Teens, to have first loves and so much more.

At no stage in a child’s life should they be brutally kidnapped and suffer the torment of being held hostage for an agonizing 26 days.

Demanding the release of these 30 children, and the other 200 innocent hostages does not require bravery.

It is not a political statement.

It is the most fundamental display of human morality.

Why is every person who changed their profile to support Ukraine, who stood up for Black Lives Matter, not demanding the release of these hostages? Why are they not joining demonstrations, posting it to social, shouting in despair and demanding their return?

Does humanity escape them now?

Or do Jewish babies/lives just not matter?

About the Author
Michal made aliyah 11 years ago from Manchester, England and is Director of Global Brand and Marketing for Olami, a global organization committed to inspiring and engaging young Jewish adults with Jewish life and wisdom to ensure a vibrant and sustainable Jewish future.
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