Stand in Solidarity with our Brethren in France

The French Jewish community is of course reeling after the tragic attack of a Kosher deli in Paris that left four innocent Jews dead. As the French Jewish community mourns the loss of their loved ones and plan ahead, it’s our job in the diaspora to express our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in France.

With anti-Semetism on the rise on a global scale, it is incredibly important that we as a community do not give into the fear the gutless killers seek to instill in us as a community. The number of French Jews that made aliyah to Israel this year has doubled since the previous year.

Although it’s natural for many in the community to want to follow the tidal wave, it’s also refreshing to see leaders of the community vocally express that they intend to stay right where they are – and not give in to the terror that has wreaked on their community.

As we prayed in synagogue this Shabbat, Rabbis in synagogues around the world used their platforms to express their condolences and sympathies to the community in France. But what is it that WE can do to help?

We are fortunately living in a day and age where everyone of us has the capacity to express our views to audiences of hundreds, if not thousands. We all have the ability to communicate to audiences via our social media platforms.

I humbly ask that we all turn to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles and use the hashtag #JeSuisJuif. In French, it means “I am a Jew.” We will never hide our pride in being Jewish, no matter what. Do this little bit to express your support with the Jewish community in France during these perilous times. Keep them in your hearts, minds and prayers but also let the world know that we all stand together.

Am Yisrael Chai!

Josh Nass

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