Elaine Rosenberg Miller
Elaine Rosenberg Miller

Starting with one that got me banned

-A real “Arbeit Mach Frei” speech.

-He yelled a lot, invoked his dead son, talked about Dr. Jill. Those were the props. Biden’s vision of America is dark and evil and deserving of punishment. 

-Fauxahontus is crowing about two women on the podium.  What else ya got?

-His speech writers can say whatever they want because American youth don’t know what’s in the constitution and the Dem herders say it is “not absolute”.

-“No one should have to chose between a job and a paycheck.” Joe Biden

-Stoking jealousy and class division

-Senator Tim Scott is an inspiring Godly man

-Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is articulate, informed and visionary.

“D.C. is a monoparty”-Ben Domenech

-“Complete tissue of lies”-Ben Domenech

-“Worst attack on democracy since the Civil War.” Uh, no. No one attacked America in Civil War. It was internecine.

-“You’ve seen a lot of theater.” Ben Domenech.

-Eric Swalwell is wearing two masks

-The saddest SOTU in history.

-Kente cloth is back.

-We’re sunk.

-Pelosi told him to take his mask.

-A speech for the uniformed, deluded.

-Biden wants to permit unrestricted immigration because people have hurricanes?

-“Insurrection”? What insurrection? Portland, Seattle were insurrections.

-“We need to protect the sacred right to vote (for Democrats)!”

-He’s making George Floyd a demi-god. Floyd spent five years in prison for armed robbery and died of a fentanyl OD.

-“White supremacy is terrorism”?

“We have to be on guard for terrorism”, he says but opened unrestricted immigration from terrorist countries.

-Dead Beau again.

“Stern deterrence”. Oh, yeah, they’re scared.

-Russia interfered in election? How about Dems?

-Now, he’s yelling.

-Oh, XI is shaking.

-“If we act to save the planet we can create millions of jobs”. Really? What about Keystone Pipeline?

-He’s pushing globalism.

-Lenin would have been proud.

-48 minutes and still talking about jobs.

-He just called people who follow the tax code, “cheats”.

-If anyone think’s Biden’s increase of corporate taxation will affect Amazon, raise your hand.

-Biden benefitted from tax system yet he blasts “shifty” use of rules.

-The Fair Share stuff again.

-Watching Sanders. The Firm stole his nomination. Again

-“We can afford it!” Biden

-Dems control every failed urban school system but Biden wants us to trust them again.


-He said Americans have 12 years of compulsory education- No, they don’t.  Kids can leave at 16.

-Here comes the deceased son, 30 minutes in.

-China must be falling off their thrones laughing

-After this speech, America should apply for foreign aid.

-The “Right to Organize Act”? We already have it.  It’s called the NLRB.

-Hot air.

-Just enough to give CNN something to drool about.

-“For too long we failed.” Who had control of the House? Who was president for two terms? Dems.

-He’s talking about the transcontinental railroad that was completed in 1869.

-Alphabet soup.

-He has the nerve to mention the opioid crisis when he opened the border to drug trafficking,

-Go ahead, Joe. Tell people how afraid they should be.  Tell the world we are broke hungry, homeless.

-If this were anymore emo it would send people to shrinks en masse.

-The entire credit for the development of and distribution of the vaccine goes to Trump.

-12 minutes in and he hasn’t talked about his dead son. That’s a first.

-12 minutes in and he’s still talking about the Trump vaccine but is leaving out Trump’s name.

-Picnic basket of lies.

-“We’re leading the world again.” We are?

-His eyes look terrified.

-Free! Free! Free! (No such thing)

-Shakedown Hall.

-That’s a long walk for Joe.

-Pelosi shoved through two bogus impeachments and there she sits.

-Dr. Jill is wearing a cocktail dress.

-Blocked off seats. Massive social distancing.

-Oh, barf.  It’s starting.  Our poor country.

-Waiting for Joe to trip on his way to the podium.

-Where’s Joe? Getting his transfusion topped off?

-Massachusetts Senators Markey and Warren communing. Cradle of Democracy, my eye.

-Seats tied off as if attendees couldn’t be trusted not to take the restricted seats.

-Biden’s Tel-R-Prompters waiting for him.

-They are all wearing masks even though they’ve been vaccinated.. Kamala is wearing a tan suit a la Obama.

-Kamala is wearing a mask.

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