Luca M Damiani
Author/Artist - Kiss&Arrow : "A Kiss to the Way We Are - An Arrow for Direction" - [Art + Op:Poetry&Questions]

Stop Hypocrisy

'Stop Hypocrisy' Luca M Damiani - Kiss and Arrow 2024 -
'Stop Hypocrisy' Luca M Damiani - Kiss and Arrow 2024 -

6 to 8 million Ukrainians are currently in refugee status in various countries across Europe.

The war with Russia has created an unprecendent flux of refugee migration to neighbouring countries.
And so, all neighbours opened their borders and are helping as they can in accomodating the need.
Yet, when it comes to Palestinians in Gaza, where are the neighbouring countries allowing Palestinian civilian refugees in?
Egypt? The Rafah border could have been opened, with UN setting support on the Sinai region. But no, nothing.
And where are you Europe marchers of Ceasefire? Pro-Palestine chanters, what’s your view on this?
Why aren’t Palestinians allowed out of Gaza as Israel has been asking  since the beginning of the war, in order to safeguard civilian lives?
Maybe Egypt doesn’t want them? Maybe Hamas doesn’t want that? Have you asked yourself that?
In contrast to what we did in Europe for Ukrainians, as of today, Egypt has put over 40 tanks at the border, in order to not let not 1 (repeat not 1) Palestinian refugee in.
Imagine if the same had happened in Poland, so that no Ukrainian civilians would move out of the country. Imagine that.
And no-one says a thing to pressure Egypt or Hamas to open the border; and all for just pointing the finger at Israel, as always, as it is then the one that has to deal with it all.
Please…yes…we want the war to end. We want Hamas defeated. We want love and hope for all. We want Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace.
So, let’s stop hypocrisy : open the Rafah border.
About the Author
Luca M Dami­ani is an Artist, Author and Uni­ver­si­ty Fel­low, focus­ing his ongo­ing cre­ative prac­tice and research on dis­abil­i­ty, neu­roscience, technology and nature. His work also crosses over with human rights and social design. Luca has a neu­ro­log­i­cal dis­abil­i­ty (52% impair­ment of cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem func­tion) and has had var­i­ous visu­al art books and aca­d­e­m­ic arti­cles pub­lished, as well as being exhib­it­ed inter­na­tion­al­ly. Luca has worked and col­lab­o­rat­ed with insti­tu­tions such as BMJ Med­ical Human­i­ties, Mozil­la, Amnesty Inter­na­tion­al, BBC, Sci­ence Gallery, Com­put­er Arts Soci­ety, Dis­ney, Uni­ver­si­ty of the Arts Lon­don, Yale Uni­ver­si­ty, Jewish Book Council, TATE, V&A and more.
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