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Stop the Cycle of Attack and Revenge

Another horrific murder and I send out my thoughts to this family and the friends of the two Israelis murdered at a Huwara carwash.

But to offer quick feedback to TOI and the accompanying article, there have been more than a ‘handful of instances of settler violence targeting the Palestinian residents of Huwara.’ And a number of these instances have been higher intensity but minimally if at all engaged by the IDF or Israeli police.

Until Jewish terrorism and extreme violence by Jewish settlers are given the same prioritized attention and addressed in a way similar to that given Palestinian terrorists and violence, we will remain at a stalemate with Death going tit for tat; a never ending cycle of attack and revenge.

By tragic coincidence, this same issue of TOI has another story referencing how the extremist Minister, Bezalel Smotrich, is ‘advancing a plan to legalize 155 wildcat outposts in the West Bank.’ This further entrenches the tragedy for Israeli and Palestinian citizens alike as Netanyahu demonstrates his cowardice and lack of control over his own government.

Smotrich; Ben Gvir should not be in government which does not represent the majority of Israelis or a future for the State of Israel. To give avowed Jewish Supremacists, terrorists, and criminals in Netanyahu’s Faustian coalition direct involvement over security and the occupied Territories is a guarantee that the cycle of Death for both sides will only increase.

Israeli father and son gunned down and killed in terror shooting at Huwara carwash

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