Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


You gotta be strong when enemies surround.

The Allies used strength to win World War II. It was the only language the Nazis understood.

Strength: The nice thing about it, is that if you use it right, and use it quickly, it can deter the enemy from attacking. It can bring peace.

Don’t give away land. And you deter.

Mobilize quickly. And you deter.

Also important is inner strength, to not fear what the world might say. When we need to act to save lives in self-defense, then we need to be strong in our conviction. We need to have the strength to act in line with what we know is right, without asking any other nation for their approval.

When the Israelis flew to Entebbe, they didn’t ask the world for permission. They just went, and miraculously they succeeded.

When you show the enemy that you are prepared and ready to attack, and that you don’t need to ask anyone’s permission, it brings peace. The enemy is deterred.

It’s not necessary to fight. The important thing is to show that you are strong and ready to fight. And that brings peace, because the enemy is afraid to fight.

So what has Hamas taught us? That when we are weak, and give away land, and listen to the world, and show compassion when we should be showing strength, then October 7 is the result.

Now Israel is showing strength. It’s never too late.

Inner and outer strength. It saves lives. It brings peace.

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