Suffering in Silence

My home is suffering. My people are crying. Our daughters are being stabbed to death and our brothers are gunned down as they pray in the early hours of the morning. Our brave fighters slain on the battlefield and our voices for peace are being silenced. We cry. We scream. We tear our clothes. We wail and mourn those who have been taken from us at the hands of violent killers. We grieve as a nation, we grieve as a family, and we grieve because each one of the angels stolen from us leaves a hole in our hearts.

Yet, for some reason, the world doesn’t accept that. The world doesn’t want to see us crying. The world doesn’t want to see us mourning our dead. They prefer see pictures of Palestinians crying and mourning their dead. In fact, the world isn’t interested in seeing photos of children gassed in Syria or Yazidi women beheaded in Iraq. They certainly don’t want to see images of homosexuals being hanged in Iran or of supposed “witches” being stoned in Yemen. The world prefers to see photos of “defenseless” Palestinians. The world looks at as the aggressor. We have the strong army, the machine guns and the planes. How can we possibly feel pain? Goliath shrugged off wounds that would kill normal men like they were nothing. Aren’t we supposed to be Goliath? Who cares if we lose a few civilians and soldiers, it doesn’t mean anything in the long run, right? The world says that the Palestinians have lost so much more due to our aggression so we need to pay attention to them. Forget the fact that Hamas and the PA are responsible for it all. “The evil Israelis are using disproportionate force! How dare they defend themselves?! They’re so much stronger!”

I beg to differ, ladies and gentleman. We are not Goliath. We are not the all powerful super army that doles out death and destruction. We are not the imperialist Zionist occupation government. We are not the racist apartheid genocidal regime. We are David. We feel pain and sorrow like everyone else. We struggle against the entire world. We struggle against the UN, the EU, the Arab countries, the NGO’s, the terrorists and sometimes even the US. They don’t want to let us feel our pain. They don’t want to understand that every soldier we lose is like losing a million soldiers. Every baby and child whose life is ended too early is a national tragedy to us. We all cry for that soldier and that baby. You see it when we show up in the thousands for the funeral of a fighter that none of us have ever met. You see it when we come together with our Druze brothers to mourn an officer who gave his life for our tiny country. We fight because we have to; we have the strongest military in the world because we have to not because we want to. We use our weapons to protect our citizens and civilians, not the opposite. We are the strongest people in the world in the quietest way. We don’t ask for sympathy, we don’t ask for pity or cry for a savior. We ask for understanding. We ask the world to wake up and recognize that we have more to lose from this conflict than anyone else. We Jews and Israelis have endured boundless suffering and tragedy and yet we are still here. We are a globally connected community; when we suffer we do it together and when we cry we do it as a family.

We have only one small state and I will fight for it until the bitter end. Not because I want to kill and hurt my enemies and not because I hate the world around me but because I love my home and will not suffer in silence.

About the Author
Ben is a student at the University of Maryland majoring in Middle Eastern History and Global Terrorism. He is an avid reader, history buff and a self confessed news junkie. He is counting the days until he makes aliyah upon the completion of his degree.
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