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Suicide bomber link in chain connecting Tamimi and Barghouti clans

Ahlam al Tamimi, Izz al Din al Masri, Abdullah al Barghouti (Courtesy: YouTube, Wikimedia, Menahem Kahana)

We’ve witnessed worldwide uproar from pro-Palestinians as poster girl Ahed Tamimi was arrested in December 2017 and imprisoned for assaulting Israeli soldiers during a violent demonstration in Nabi Salih.

Ahed Tamimi (R) in 2012, video still from YouTube

Not the smartest thing to do, but innocent enough, right? Against the wishes of her fans Ahed served her time, was young, protecting her home and family, standing up for Palestine, and whatever other excuses that have been made. But should Israel continue to crucify her? Absolutely.

YouTube video still of Ahlam Tamimi explaining her joy as she heard the death toll rise over the radio

Ahed is directly related to FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist Ahlam al Tamimi. Along with her partner Izz al Din al Masri, Ahlam is responsible for the 2001 Sbarro Pizzeria bombing in downtown Jerusalem which killed 15 Israeli civilians, including a pregnant woman and 7 children, and injuring 130 more. In interviews with Memri TV, Al Aqsa TV, and Jordanian news Ahlam explains she was the mastermind behind the attack, escorted Izz al Din to the restaurant, and persuaded him to eat a meal, get comfortable and carry out the operation. She also explains in detail that she was traveling by bus near the Damascus Gate and listening to the radio, hearing cheers as the death toll rose and couldn’t hide her smile.

(Memri TV, YouTube)

After Ahlam’s interviews, Memri TV picked up various ones and translated them into English. In the full version of this particular one she shows a lack of remorse and tells that she does not regret what she’s done because she has chosen her path and dedicated her life to jihad for Allah and has been granted success. She continues saying she will not denounce killing Jewish civilians and would do it again in the same manner if given the chance.

Ahlam on FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorist poster (

Ahlam was imprisoned in Israel and released in the 2011 Gilad Shalit prisoner swap. She fled to Jordan and upon arrival was greeted by Muslim Brotherhood supporters and eventually met with Hamas leader Khaled Mashal in Cairo. On July 15, 2013 the US Department of Justice filed criminal charges against Ahlam for conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against US nationals outside of the US, and landed herself on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. Jordan refuses to cooperate with the US or give any information on the whereabouts of Ahlam.

Ahed’s mother Nariman teaching her followers “the best place to stab Jews.” (Facebook)

Ahed’s mother and father, Nariman and Bassem, are no better. They have shown their full support for Ahlam and even used their social media platforms to share with their audience and supporters “the best place to stab Jews,” while Ahed speaks carelessly about these “stabbings and martyrdom seeking operations.”

The Barghoutis are a notorious clan of Hamas members and Islamists. Abdullah al Barghouti is a leading Hamas member of the Izz al Din al Qassam Brigade and is considered one of the organizations chief bomb makers. Abdullah supplied Izz al Din al Masri with explosives and assembled the suicide vest used to carry out the bombing at Sbarro where Ahlam transported him.

Omar’s sons Asem and Saleh Barghouti at a Hamas rally in Kobar

The sons of Omar Barghouti, a senior Hamas member and co-founder of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, opened fire on a pregnant Israeli woman, her husband, and 5 others at a bus stop outside of Ofra. The woman was deliberately shot multiple times in her abdomen and bled out until she was taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

Unfortunately it was too late. When a pregnant mother loses large amounts of blood their bodies cut off oxygen to the baby, and in some cases this can lead to health issues or death. Little Amiad Israel was ripped from his mother’s womb in an emergency c-section and fought for his life for three days until he couldn’t anymore.

The Tamimi family and their connections are dangerous and in all cases, it is important not to support them and should be taken into consideration by the public that among them are convicted Hamas terrorists, a suicide bomber, and the causalities of innocent Israeli babies and children. It is sickening that there are people out there who could actually support these disgusting, murderous monsters.

In short, Ahed spent 8 months in prison for various assaults on Israeli soldiers. Ahlam and Abdullah were released during the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange; Abdullah going back to Hamas and being imprisoned again and Ahlam landing herself in Jordan where she’ll hopefully hide for the rest of her life. Izz al Din commit suicide, and Omar’s son Saleh was eliminated by the IDF while his other son Asem was taken into Israeli custody.

It’ll never bring back their victims or heal the wound, but may G-d avenge each drop of Jewish blood.

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