Ben-Tzion Spitz
Former Chief Rabbi of Uruguay

Super-Prayer Powers (Vaera)

I have not placed reading before praying because I regard it more important, but because, in order to pray aright, we must understand what we are praying for.
– Angelina Grimke

Moses interacts with God in a most unusual, powerful, and effective way when he brings the plagues upon Egypt. The Bat Ayin on Exodus 6:3 learns from the encounters a variety of insights that he believes can make our own interactions with God more powerful, and how our prayers can strive towards the level of prophecy, blessings and even creation.

Moses calls upon the merit of the founding fathers of Israel, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They instituted the three daily prayers and there is a power that is not easily broken by a triumvirate of meaningful daily prayer. However, even before the prayer, there is a preparation that can elevate the prayer, akin to how the prophets spoke with God. The preparation is Torah study.

The Bat Ayin explains that each of the three daily prayers draws upon a distinct aspect of one of the patriarchs. By prefacing our prayer with Torah study, we can more readily draw on those spiritual powers. The foundation upon which powerful prayer is built and which Torah study can lead us to, is a grounded sense of humility.

By studying God’s words, commands, and laws, we remind ourselves of who in fact we will be praying to. We are praying to The Creator. We are praying to God, our King, who gave us His laws for us to understand, internalize and follow. We are reading these words and laws (if in the original Hebrew) with the very same letters with which God created the universe.

By connecting with God through the same letters and words He used, it can bestow on us unusual powers: the power to access divine inspiration. It allows us to connect more fully with the spiritual within ourselves and the divine spark that is the seed of prophecy. The power of taping into the primordial letters of creation can become a conduit for blessings and abundance to be part of our lives. And at the highest level, that has likely been understood and wielded by a few rare individuals throughout history, it even bestows on the worthy practitioner some aspect of the powers of creation itself.

Let’s make sure to pray, and to preface it with a deeper connection to the Torah, hopefully leading to blessings, abundance, and a divinely inspired existence.

Shabbat Shalom,



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