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Table Decor, Challah Contest and Vintage Kosher Cookbooks With Cindy’s Corners

This time of year, many are still prepping more parties, making resolutions to update table decor and still buy many, many gifts for our endless brides, Shabbos hostesses and believe it or not, Purim and Pesach preparations.

A Sample Of Fabrics From Toplinetables

I recently had the pleasure to work with Erika Rychik, owner of Toplinetables on a gift-giving project with many luxury brands on a holiday gift-giveaway with Madame Paulette in New York City.

Upon my suggestion to create metallic wine coasters, Rychik delivered a huge amount of reversible coasters in beautiful wrapping within days. I get many offers from tableware sellers to work with me on collaborations, nobody is as professional as Rychik. I asked Rychik about the trends for table decor in 2019, According to Rychik:

Trends change every year. Over the years I have seen many decorators and hostesses take great pride in their table decor. This coming year I have seen Metallic colors play a huge part in setting the ambiance of dinnertime and entertaining. Chrome, Gunmetal, Rose Gold are very neutral but highly fashionable.

Setting ones table sets the tone for the meal. Whether it is a family dinner or holiday brunch, it can elevate everyone’s mood. Another popular trend is combining Silver or Gild with a bold color such as Turqoise or Pomegranate. These colors together are not only stunning but a modern statement. I have seen women take advantage of these beautiful colors and truly make their table a piece of functional art.

You can order your personal, one-of-a-kind pieces here:

Cindy’s Corners is extending with Madame Paulette with a special offer for you.

Mention Cindy’s Corners and use the code:

You will get 20% off Stain Kits and 20% off the retail value of Madame Paulette gift cards. They make excellent gifts and additions to everyone’s cleaning supply collections. The promo lasts through December 31.

Shibolim Whole Wheat Challah Challenge

Bakers with an original challah recipe and an Instagram account have until January 8, 2019 to whip up their finest braided loaf for a shot at $1,000 and the chance to “rise” to fame.

Launching on December 17, 2018, the Shibolim Whole Wheat Challah Competition is hosted by, the go-to source for a kosher lifestyle, and Shibolim Whole Wheat Flour. Anyone can enter.

Contestants will vie for three exciting prizes:
Grand Prize: $1,000 and a guest spot on Naomi Nachman’s popular video web series Sunny Side Up!
2nd Prize: A Bosch Mixer from Kitchen Caboodles
3rd Prize: A beautiful designer challah cover from Danke Judaica in England (

How to enter: Challah recipes must be your original recipe and must use Shibolim Whole Wheat Flour.

Post a baking video and clearly written recipe (up to 1 minute) showing you speaking with the final product on your Instagram feed. Make sure to tag @kosherdotcom and hashtag #shibolimcontest on your post. First-place winners must be available in the tri-state area in order to film with Naomi Nachman.

Challahs will be judged by final product quality, clarity of recipe, and personal presentation. Judges will include talent and staff from All entries must be received by Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 11:59:59 PM EST, and winners will be announced by January 15, 2019.

Shibolim’s full array of flours, great-tasting snacks, crackers, cereals, and more are made in Israel from nutritious whole grains especially for the health-conscious consumer.

Oldies But Goodies-Vintage Kosher Cookbooks

Vintage Kosher Cookbooks

Collecting cookbooks can be compared to a new bride, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Many vintage cookbooks are given as gifts to new owners, are old in age, are borrowed and many have traditional blue and white covers, especially kosher and Jewish-themed cookbooks.

I recently spent time browsing through my mother’s cookbook collection. Many of them were soft-covered and collections of recipes from synagogues, Jewish organizations and items used for fundraising.

As I browsed, I noticed several points to discuss. Many I found were written, compiled and sold during the late 1970s and 1980s. They featured many Jewish traditional recipes, mostly from Ashkenazi backgrounds. Few had pictures, few had healthy options, few used exotic ingredients and few were made with multiple kitchen appliances. Many were printed with family stories and memories tied to them. They all looked delicious and worth trying.

I highly suggest spending some quality time with your children, parents, friends and neighbors browsing through these cookbooks, try preparing some of the recipes and learn more about Jewish food preparation, ingredients, traditional ways of how and when to feast on them and much more. You may even find out something about your very own past, present and future.

More Collectible Kosher Cookbooks and Recipes

Everything old is new again, even good Jewish food.

This will be my last column in 2018, but look for the new in 2019. I gave already partnered with some very exciting projects you will want to participate in.

Food, Fun, Family and Friends…Everything Food In Recipes and Restaurants From Cindy’s Corners

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