Take 2: The Real Travesty in the Conviction of Philip Karsenty

I have never been so proud to say “I’m not a Frenchman.”

Today Philippe Karsenty was found guilty of defamation for accusing France 2 of staging the death of Mohammed Al Dura. Simon Plosker wrote a fine piece titled ‘What Karsenty’s Conviction Doesn’t Prove‘ but I believe he failed to address the title of his piece.

What doesn’t the conviction prove? It doesn’t prove that Philip Karsenty was wrong. In fact it proves the opposite.

The Al Dura Project has been keeping tabs on the whole affair between Karsenty and France 2. They summarize the reason of the Supreme Court’s decision to take the case.

The French Supreme Court overturns the judgment of the Court of Appeals, rendered on May 21 2008, dismissing the defamation charges against Phillippe Karsenty.

The basis of the decision is that the Court of Appeals was wrong to have ordered France 2 to show the complete footage shot the day of the al-Durah incident, on the grounds that a court cannot help the accused prove his innocence.

So the appeals court exonerated Karsenty because they saw all the evidence. France’s Supreme Court said they couldn’t do that “because the court cannot help the accused prove his innocence“? You don’t get a much bigger tragedy than that.

The staged footage of Mohammed Al Dura was a travesty of the media.

This case convicting Philip Karsenty was a travesty of justice.

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Meir received a BA in Political Science from Lander College for Men and an MA in Politics and Government from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He a recent Oleh who loves Israel: faults and all.