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I am finishing my second year at a post-high school tech school  with plans  to join the air force this summer. In between my studies I squeeze in time for my main passions – videos and music. I started YG productions because I love to play with all those elements that go into making something wonderful that gives out great messages to people – great music and great visuals. I love to collaborate with different musicians and artists to make it all come together.

This led me to partner up with Rachel Cohnen a young talented artist. Together we have been working on making music and video’s not just to entertain (which we can all agree is important as well) but to give out great messages and get people thinking. we worked together to make this purim video because we believe it does just that!

Rachel explains:

rachel b.

“Take a Stand is a music video  based on the Purim story.  Queen Esther conquered her fears to save her nation.  Modern Esthers of today’s time can emulate her strength for the present and future. We are encountered everyday with decisions on what to stand for. Our country, our family, our friends.

There is a part of the video very dear to me. This year a girl in my high school was killed while crossing the highway to her Yishuv. Only after her death was there a decision to install a  traffic light  on that part of the  highway. This was a tragedy that could have been prevented. As Modern Esthers we can take a stand and express our beliefs. Nofar’s neshama should have an aliya.

The producer, Yehuda Gelb, brilliantly  portrayed a story throughout the video reflecting the world wide problem of bullying.  Today there is constant violence in the media, television shows and video games and an increase in aggression. Yet we never have to stand in silence.  There is a hero in each of us: to not be bystanders and to live what we believe.

I came to Israel in 2008 for just a year with my family when I was in 5th grade. At the end of the year we were planning to return to our life in America. It was a year of going to school and not understanding a word of the lessons, a year of trying to fit in to a new culture and new friends, a year of missing everyone who I knew back “home.”  My teacher during that year was Ilana Cohen,  an Olah from Brazil, and she spent much of her own time  to help me. She taught me Hebrew through songs and games.    I was very lucky.  At the end of the year my reality of “home” became Israel.   I made my first music video that year called Yoyo this is Rachel B. The video expressed my love of Israel. In 2009, to everyone’s surprise, we made Aliya. The best decision my family ever made.  Today my teachers continue to inspire me. My current high school teacher, Avital Simchi (whose family made Aliya from America), is a true role model.  She never allows any language barrior to interfere with my learning and my potential.

Take a Stand was made with other talented Olim.  I want give a shout out to Ayelet Harbater —  the very talented choreographer in this video.”

Click on the following link to watch the video:

The talented crew in the video:

And so this Purim, let’s honor Esther and use our voices to stop violence around the globe. You don’t need to be a leader to make a difference. There are small things each and every one of you can do every day to positively influence your family, friends, and communities.

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Yehuda started a business called YG productions which works to produce awesome videos and music for your audiences. He believes that there are stories needing to be told and wants to help people share them with the world.
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