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“Take my President…Please” (with apologies to Henny Youngman). Our Last 4th of July?

Baby-Boomers will remember comedian Henny Youngman. Back in the 50’s and ‘60’s when humor was clean, this violin playing standup comedian made audiences laugh with one liners and his standard line..’Take my wife….please.”. As a baby-boomer who has seen Presidents of legend, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy and has had a high degree of trust and respect for the Office and the occupant, it’s been a hard couple of weeks. I’ve  been an admirer of Israel since my teens (not bad for someone raised in a very Irish and very Catholic home). I read Leon Uris’ Exodus in high school and began to question all I had been taught by the nuns and fathers and began reading about Israel and the Near East. Ten years ago I began working with Arabian horses and got deeper into the worldview of Middle Eastern cultures. Worlds changed, my mind opened. This has led to knowledge and a sense of confusion as I watch the current Obama administration toss out any sense of history, reality and common sense in its headlong lemming stampede into the deep waters of Tehran dominated territory.

Being a teenage malcontent  had its advantages. My favorite word “why” made me no friends in my teachers and adult relatives. I’m afraid “why” has been eliminated (like the Confederate Flag) from polite conversation over here. America today is too busy arguing over rainbows, flags and how many genders or races can you claim on your Government entitlement sheets. I’m afraid I’m getting paranoid. Is any reality left here?

My writing in support of Israel began five years ago and the more I got to write, the deeper I got. To be honest I am a little jealous of Israel. You have a leader, PM Netanyahu who earned his degrees (not by claiming to be a foreign student from Indonesia) worked in real jobs, earned respect and honor in his IDF service, and today has the respect of more real Americans than our Pansy-in-Chief and his crew of acolytes. I cringe with every statement made by Marie Harf (student intern of the month), Jen Psaki (“do I really have to say this?”) and poorest of all, Josh Earnest (Best Performance by Someone Who doesn’t Believe a Word). Alternative News Types  like me spend many awake hours searching Social Media and news sources for data, trends and numbers of posts, comments etc. Unfortunately, it looks like this Nation is headed for a civil war of some kind. Facebook pages and posts show a tremendous amount of anger at recent Supreme Court decisions on obligatory health care (costs are just starting to have impact), same sex marriage and future legal implications such as law suits against churches, non-observant businesses, reverse discrimination against traditional marriages, polygamy, polyandry, pedophilia and marrying your poodle.

Some very strong voices have been raised, Franklin Graham for one. Someone swatted the hornets’ nest and still doesn’t realize that some very powerful feelings are being vented. A majority of 51% of the voters re-elected the Administration and its platform in 2012. The real problem is that 51% that has changed its minds about what America means. I’m one of those conservative types who still want ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”…you can keep the rest…

Israel has always been my idea of a place that kept its roots strong, deep and well-watered. A mix of idealism, a Nation founded in opposition to what the world had done to its founders and their ancestors, and a nation that didn’t take any “you know what” from anyone. My country was like that up until recently, now it’s becoming morally lazy and soon to be a third world power. That’s why I wonder if this will be our last 4th of July.

Israel, we’re looking to you to find the courage and will to fight that you show. America’s leaders have tried their best to divide us by race, break our wills by giving away our jobs and industry and insult our religious traditions by opening up doors and showing favor to enemies who would sooner behead us and burn our churches (not to mention synagogues too). We’re looking at some serious issues in the very near future, so I’m saying thanks in advance. It’s good to know you’re out there for us. Happy 4th of July from the Currently United States.

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