Zvi Ron

Tales of our Homeland #13: Young Jabotinsky at the 6th Zionist Congress, part 2

Notes and further reading:

Panel 1  Abdul Hamid II

Panel 2  Kishinev Progrom 

Panel 3  Uganda Scheme The land Chamberlain referred to is in today’s Kenya. The Zionist delegates did not know that in their future the British would retract the offer anyway. 

Panel 5 Sitting on the floor was an allusion to shiva. Many also walked out of the room. 

Panel 6 In general, the Jews of the West were much more acculturated than the Eastern delegates. Although mostly secular, these delegates were mostly from the Pale of Settlement and were culturally much more traditionally Jewish. 

Panel 7 “I wondered myself at the motive hidden deep in my soul that prompted me to vote against… I had no romantic love for Eretz Yisrael then  – I am not sure that I have it now… yet still I voted against…” Story of My Life, page 69-70.

Panel 9   “… I am not one of those who will easily bow to a personality. In general I do not remember… one man who made an impression on me whatsoever either before Herzl or after him…” Story of My Life, page 68.

Michael Unterberg (author) and Zvi Ron (artist) have been making comics together since they were classmates in Yeshivah of Flatbush elementary school. They both live in Gush Etzion.

Please do not reuse without permission from the authors. Thank you. 

About the Author
Rabbi Doctor Zvi Ron made Aliyah in 1986, learned in Yeshivat Shaalvim and served as a shooting instructor in the IDF. After receiving Smicha from the Israeli Rabbanut, he and his wife, Sharon, went on Shlichut to Richmond, Virginia where he served as Rabbi of Keneseth Beth Israel Synagogue for 10 years. The Rons moved to Israel in 2004 and live with their four children in Neve Daniel, Gush Etzion. He is the author of two books on Tanach: Sefer Katan V'Gadol and Sefer Ha'Ikar Chaser as well as dozens of articles in numerous publications. He is editor of The Jewish Bible Quarterly and he was a contestant on the game show The Weakest Link.
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