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Tangible ways to help Jewish college students

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Jewish students have seen a marked increase of antisemitic activity on our college campuses across the United States and all over the world. Here are some tangible and immediate ways you can help Jewish students @ the University of Vermont and students in your own community…
  1. Write something heartfelt! You should have seen the emotions welling forth from the students who read the kind notes that have been sent so far. Just something saying you’re thinking about them and are there for them means so much. Send letters to UVM Hillel, 439 College Street, Burlington VT 05401. Reach out to your local campus Hillel and send them a note for students. I promise they’ll love it and it will let them know you care.
  2. Make something awesome! Seriously; we have hundreds of students through Hillel each week. We’ve had local Vermont bubbes make ceramic necklace pendants for peace, knit winter hats and scarves, and bake cookies and babka to show these students they are loved. Feel free to mail us something at the address above and we’ll get it to students!
  3. Donate something generous! Hillel and Chabad are short-staffed and under-resourced for the 2,000+ Jewish students at UVM. or to Hillel International. Your gift will support security, safety, and comfort during a time where it’s most needed.
  4. Write someone today! Email & and let them know that antisemitism on campus is unacceptable. Write our Vermont congressional delegation and let them know as well. Place an op-ed in your local newspaper. Your words count; we need more voices speaking out in support of Jewish students.
  5. Share this op-ed. Jewish students, their friends, and allies need you. They need your love and support and they need to know you have their backs.
Hatred and antisemitism have no place on campus or in our world. Thank you for supporting a thriving Jewish life in Vermont and for Jewish students around the world!
About the Author
Matt Vogel is the Executive Director of Hillel at the University of Vermont and has spent his career supporting Jewish students on campus.
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