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Tech Leaders: Gali Bloch Liran, The Human Founder

Gali Bloch Liran  Photo Source: The Human Founder, Approved to use
Gali Bloch Liran Photo Source: The Human Founder, Approved to use
Welcome to my Tech Leaders Interview Series, where I interview impactful leaders and ask them to share tips and techniques that have benefited them, both in their personal and professional lives.
This interview is with Gali Bloch Liran, Founder & CEO of The Human Founder.
About Gali: 

Gali Bloch Liran is the Founder & CEO of The Human Founder – Executive Coaching & Consulting Firm for Startups, VCs, Investors & Tech Companies. 

Gali is an Entrepreneurship Lecturer at Reichman University, an Angel Investor, a Global Speaker, Host of The Human Founder Podcast & Author of The Human Founder Book (due in 2023).

Gali’s global experience in business, leadership & management, combined with her coaching & psychology background and passion for tech & entrepreneurship, enables her to shape the tech leaders of tomorrow. 

Gali leads 1-on-1 coaching sessions with C-suite executives, founders’ team-building & crisis management sessions, strengthening their mental resilience and helping them scale-up their ventures.

How Do You Deal With Stress And Anxiety?

Mindfulness, yoga, meditation, sup, walking on the beach, listening to various kinds of music, and a fine glass of wine.

Your Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

Share your truth, share your own experiences, help others see a new angle for the same situation, really listen to others, and always look for ways to optimize your own operating & emotional system. 

Who Would You Like To Meet For Lunch and Why?

Michelle Obama, Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Adam Grant, and Simon Sinek – they inspire me; I feel connected to their philosophy of life & values.

What Is Your Favorite Book Or Movie Recommendation?

The Fountainhead & Atlas Shrugged. They changed my life.

What Habit Has Contributed To Your Career?

  • Stick to my calendar – it’s the mirror of my choices.
  • Always asking myself – Is it good for me? What does it serve? What is the lesson to be learned?
  • Never staying in places/positions which I feel are not accurate for me, always search deeper and have the guts to move on. 
  • Working with high profile people – learning from them and seeing the human they are.
  • Persistence, believing in myself, never giving up, ‘no’ is not an option if I my inner compass says differently.

When You Hear About Other Famous Entrepreneurs, is There Any Entrepreneur Who Specifically Caught Your Attention?

I love what Melanie Perkins has done with Canva. I love the fact she’s young, creative, built one of my favorite genius products, and that she’s Australian.

I’m also a bit biased, in a good way, as all the entrepreneurs I’ve engaged with – get a big portion of my heart for good. I really love them all. 

I’ll mention a few:

I admire Iris Shoor for her boldness & authenticity.

I admire Gal Shaul for his vulnerability & professionalism.

I admire Boaz Gaon for his many talents & deep emotions.

I admire Roee Goldberg for his deep & strategic ability to analyze things.

I admire Alex Frenkel for his vision & sensitivity.

I admire Omer Keilaf for his smile, down-to-earth approach & leadership capacity.

I admire Eitan Tsarfati for his confidence & maturness.

I admire Erez Dror for his growth mindset & learnability.

Is There a Specific Business Philosophy That Has Helped You?

  • Be honest – I could never hide my feelings. Those who appreciate it – we love working together, and those who aren’t – are not a right fit for me.
  • Zero cynicism. I don’t understand it and don’t like it to be part of my personal & business world.
  • Balance & flexibility. I believe this is the way to live a fulfilled life, and I’m committed to it – both for myself and my founders & their companies.
  • Work hard, play hard. Be all in.
  • Always think big and many steps ahead, and then you’ll find yourself there.

About The Human Founder: 

The company provides coaching, mentoring, consulting, and training for founders, startups and investors in all stages. 

The company provides personal and professional growth plans to establish the strong foundations and mindsets necessary for the venture’s growth and success, while keeping the founders’ inner balances and well-being in place. As part of The Human Founder Toolbox, founders work on strengthening leadership & management skills, creating clarity & focus for increased productivity, improving decision-making processes, developing effective communication skills, establishing a positive organizational culture & cultivating mental resilience.

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