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Tech Leaders: Jonathan Bierig, The Ultimate Odds

Source: Ultimate Odds
Source: Ultimate Odds

Welcome to my “Tech Leaders” Interview Series, where I interview impactful leaders and ask them to share tips and techniques that have benefited them, both in their personal and professional lives.

This interview is with Jonathan Bierig, Co-Founder of The Ultimate Odds.

About Jonathan and his company:

Both Jonathan and his partner saw a missing piece in the sports betting and fantasy sports industry and decided to create an app that allowed users to compete against each other using a familiar fantasy sports format, combined with sports betting lines. Ultimate Odds is the next generation of fantasy sports; all a user has to do is enter a contest, pick a lineup of bets, and whoever has the highest score wins without needing to hit every bet. To date, Ultimate Odds has built an excellent board of advisors and has raised a pre-seed round from a few of the biggest names in the gaming industry. They have gained some exposure by being featured in; AP NewsYahooFinance, and SBC Americas. Ultimate Odds is also in the midst of a seed round that will position them for exponential growth in the summer and will help them grow their user base and scale their business.

What is your favorite productivity tip? 

My tip would be two simple, yet overlooked things. Firstly, I always put everything on my calendar. This is something which I find to be extremely valuable in terms of staying on top of things but also a habit that if you forget about it, can leave you double booking meetings, and making a bad impression on anyone you speak with. Secondly, I find having all my ideas or small things that come to my mind written down in my notes. This helps in cases in which you may forget a “tiny” detail when it happens to be that those details are what separate good startups from great startups.

How do you deal with stress and anxiety? 

Unfortunately, as a startup founder, stress and anxiety are part of the daily routine. A really good way to deal with them is by being open with those around you, finding time for yourself, and most importantly spending time with family. Additionally, whenever I find myself dealing with stress, I take some time to appreciate life and thank God for helping me get to where I am. There’s a famous saying that was told to me that really helps me every day and it says, “God only gives his toughest battles to his toughest soldiers”. Being a religious Jew and growing up with religious values, I like to just recognize that everything that happens is meant to be and all you can do is try your best.

Your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Always believe in yourself. The world and even those around you may doubt you, or tell you to take a more traditional and safe route, but if you read up on many successful entrepreneurs, most of them were told that they were crazy before they became successful.

Embrace your failures. This one is super important. There are two ways to look at failure 1. Let it discourage you and stop you in your tracks and 2. Looking at the bigger picture and finding what you can do better. The correct response is the latter.

Know your market. Learn everything about the industry you’re entering and research who your target audience is. This is key.

Network. This is what can truly take your startup to the very next level. As an aspiring entrepreneur, you will find it extremely difficult to get far without knowing the right people. My tip for how to do this successfully is as follows; Be authentic, do not harass, and be everywhere the leaders in your industry are.

A quick story about networking that changed my entire career; I had been in the beginning stages of my startup when I was going through LinkedIn trying to find people to connect with. I stumbled upon a man named Seth Young. He seemed quite popular in the space so I found the courage to send him a direct message. He graciously took a call with me and I pitched him my idea. His response changed everything. He told me “you seem like a smart kid, but this idea is terrible”. From that day, we re-evaluated our entire idea and pivoted. A few months later, I found him at a gaming convention, pitched him our new idea and he loved it. He is now one of our advisors, investors, and most trusted mentors. Always network!

Who would you like to meet for lunch and why? 

At the top of my list is Elon Musk. Other than the obvious reasons, he seems like such an interesting person to speak with.

What is your favorite book or movie recommendation? 

A book that truly changed the way I make my decisions is “Thinking in Bets” by Annie Dukes. The main thing I learned is how to be comfortable with uncertainty and adjusting my decisions accordingly. In the business world, nothing is for certain which makes timely decision-making super important.

What habit has contributed to your career? 

Being confident. I made it a habit to become confident in my business, which has made for a much better pitch. Being confident in my decisions and turning that confidence into a mental habit has made others believe in my vision and turned me into a much better leader.

When you hear about other famous entrepreneurs, is there any entrepreneur who specifically caught your attention? 

Mark Zuckerberg. After learning more about his story I became extremely fascinated by how he became who he is today.

Is there a specific business philosophy that has helped you? 

Communication is key. Whether it be with your partner, investors, or your employees. Communicating prevents mistakes and disputes. It also leads to a much more productive workflow.

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