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Tech Leaders Series: Yaron Gilboa, CEO, TurboGen

Yaron Gilboa, CEO, TurboGen  Photo: PR
Yaron Gilboa, CEO, TurboGen Photo: PR
Yaron Gilboa, CEO, TurboGen Photo: PR

Welcome to my Tech Leaders Interview Series, where I interview impactful leaders and ask them to share tips and techniques that have benefited them, both in their personal and professional lives. 

This interview is with Yaron Gilboa, the CEO of TurboGen. 

About Yaron: 

Yaron Gilboa is a veteran of the aerospace industry, with extensive experience of over 40 years in operations, manufacturing, engineering, R&D, business development, sales, and marketing. In his previous role, he served as VP Marketing and business development in “Ashot Ashkelon”. Israeli Naval Academy graduated (Submarine Officer & Chief Engineer). BSc. Mechanical engineering.

Q: What are your main productivity tips? 


  • Stay focused on the ultimate goal 
  • Always remember that in your daily task you have stress between Urgent and Important-learn to manage them correctly 
  • Perfect is the enemy of good
  • Sense of urgency in everything we do 

Q: What is your favorite drink? 

A: Sparkling Water

Q: How do you deal with stress and anxiety? 


  • Stress, much like a task, must be managed. It boils down to understanding and accepting that being stressed is part of the journey.
  • Having support from others is crucial. This requires honesty and vulnerability to ask for support, whether it be emotional, financial, technical, skills-based, etc.
  • Surround yourself with good people. 
  • Put everything in the proper perspective. 

Q: Your tips for aspiring entrepreneurs? 


  • Take calculated risks 
  • Always keep a realistic view of the situation 
  • Learn to trust your team and don’t micromanage them
  • Focus on the tasks that move the business forward
  • Use Every Opportunity to Learn
  • Seek Out Mentors
  • Business is Fun – Enjoy It

Q: Who in the Tech industry would you like to meet for lunch? 

A: Adi Gilboa-Geffen, my daughter who lives in the USA. Her achievements are always been an inspiration to me. She is a Harvard molecular biologist specializing in immunology. She is also the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of DOTS which developed a technology for detecting food allergens in food.

Q: If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 

A: Israel – no place like home!!! The Straight-talking and down-to-earth people,

the breathtaking nature and of course the food. 

Q: What is your favorite book recommendation? 

A: Principles for Success – Ray Dalio. One of my favorite quotes from the book “There is nothing better than to be on a shared mission with people you care about who can be radically truthful and radically transparent with each other.” 

Q: Why are you in Tech? 

I like the stress and anxiety 🙂

Seriously, I also like the market dynamics and being involved in life-changing technology alongside great people. 


TG40 Micro Turbine, TurboGen Photo: TurboGen



About TurboGen: 

TurboGen, An Israeli company, has introduced efficient, relatively small and lightweight, easy-to-maintain microturbines that simultaneously generate electricity heat, and cooling, thereby replace traditional boilers and air conditioners. The technology is specifically suitable in multifamily residential buildings, public buildings, hotels, hospitals, and offices. Based on proprietary jet-propulsion technology developed at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. TurboGen microturbines make CCHP from natural gas. In the future, they could be powered by several green sources such as solar, biogas, and hydrogen.


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