Tel Aviv’s Emerging Design Scene

Tel Aviv’s design scene has been rapidly growing for five years now. The fact is confirmed not only by the industry’s professionals and leaders but also by local design talents.

Results are noticeable across the whole city – from posters and branding elements (graphic design), through cafes and restaurants (interior design) to skyscrapers and airports (architecture design).

The projects are done by not only well-known and established agencies but the same amount of opportunity is given to small and independent studios and freelancers.

We can talk about design for hours and hours (if not days). However, in this article, let’s only focus on graphic design. What are the biggest trends visible in 2019?

Tel Aviv, as an emerging design scene, is not only expected to implement them but it’s quite probable the city even sets some of these trends for the rest of the world. Have a look at the short list below, with examples.

Minimal design combined with bold colors

Image source

Three-dimensional forms

Image source

Collages and compositions

Image source

Realistic objects contrasting with flat forms

Image source

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