Thank you Anderson Cooper

I had very mixed feelings about watching the CNN special, Afraid: Fear in America’s Communities of Color. Since Jews are still not considered “people of color” I thought we would still be left out of the conversation and that would make me depressed and upset. At the same time, social justice and standing up for the rights of others were deeply ingrained in me growing up. I decided to watch it, and I’m awfully glad I did. Finally, we were included in the conversation. After being left out for so long, it meant a great deal to me.

They talked about the Asian Spa shootings, then brought in members from three other groups that had experienced mass-shooting attacks. One was a Hispanic American who experienced the El Paso shooting. One was an African American Woman from the shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston. And one was a Rabbi from the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.

While we are still not counted as “people of color” even though other minorities that look white are, it’s a step in the right direction, finally. I hope it continues and grows.

About the Author
Devorah Titunik is a graphic artist and poet, and a mother of three grown children. Social justice has always been important to me. For the past several decades I have been concerned with the growing antisemitism I'm seeing from both the right and the left. I hope communication and art can help bring understanding.
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