That’s enough! Universities – do your job, protect your students

Maccabi World Union (MWU), the largest Jewish sports movement in the world, with a deep commitment to the connection of young people to the Jewish nation Israel, fully condemns the virulent antisemitism that has appeared in colleges and universities around the world, but appears to be quickly growing on campuses in the United States.

Sports around the world, of which the Paris Olympics is less than 90 days away, teach values, ethics, fair play, and teamwork. Through competition in sports, the rules of the game are followed. Individuals of all races and religions play together and against each other for the thrill of victory but universally come together at the end of games to shake hands and congratulate each other, even though there is always a great disappointment for the non-winner. 

What we see in the news today on campuses regarding anti-Israel activity has gone beyond any values we stand for. Intimidation, both physical and mental, violence and chants that call for the eradication of Israel and, in some cases, Jewish people themselves, have gone against every principle this organization stands for, and we must, as representatives of our 450,000 members globally, speak out. ENOUGH!

We call on all administrators and Board members of universities and colleges to do their jobs: Protect your students, All your students. Remove outside agitators from your campuses. We respect free speech, not hate speech. We respect the right to assemble where you provide the space to do so, not where demonstrators block access to classrooms and labs. Stand up for the rules and values you profess. Remove classes from teachers who profess hate speech. Do this in the name of democracy and of all sane people before this turns into widespread violence. Do this for the sanctity of education as you have done for generations. Rise up to the highest principles, not the mob mentality. Fear Not.

About the Author
Michael Siegal, an American Industrialist, is the President of Maccabi World Union, the largest Jewish organization in the world with some 450,000 members in 70 countries. Prior to that, Michael served as chairman for Israel Bonds and the Jewish Federations of North America, and the Jewish Agency for Israel, among other organizations.
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