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The 17-Goals trails & Future of Humanity

#SDG1 #SDG2 #SDG3 & Quality Education #SDG4

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a holistic and integrative set of goals, that is, they have been defined together and thought of as goals that are closely related to one another. Not every goal stands on its own, all connected and intended to be applied as a uniform set. For example, it is said that a strong, healthy and just society is measured according to its attitude toward the sick and the needy. Indeed, from education to all, if we encourage quality education for some of the population (goal number 4) Without worrying about eradicating poverty #SDG1, eradicating hunger #SDG2, and treating the sick #SDG3, we did not do anything to solve the challenge, and even exacerbated the general situation, increased gaps in knowledge, and increased socio-economic gaps. It is very difficult to tell the story of the goals because they are so diverse, so broad and so ambitious, but nevertheless, we must aspire to this because they constitute a common language of values ​​for all of humanity.

Image: SDG Periodic Table of Change

Partnership for the Goals #SDG17

Many cities around the world, sustainable cities #11, cities such as New York, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Rome, can learn from each other if we only work in full and transparent cooperation to achieve the goals. In my previous article on Smart and Responsive Cities, I wrote about urban planning, taking into consideration the population growth and the construction of new infrastructures as part of the third industrial revolution #SDG8 #SDG9, where it will be necessary to engineer and develop infrastructures suitable for clean energy systems #SDG7 clean drinking water #SDG6, sanitation and sewage systems, waste disposal #SDG9, health systems #SDG3, transportation routes and more. Integrative and holistic vision is more necessary than ever since the example below also illustrates the dangers we face if we do not act in partnership to achieve the goals, it is not only an increase in the population, but also the scope of diseases, congestion in transport routes and more. The implications are real, serious and immediate. On the other hand, there is a promise and hope that the third industrial revolution brings along and abundance of employment opportunities , since robots will not be the ones to place the renewable grid infrastructure of electricity, new transportation systems and other new systems.

In this article, I would like to share with you ideas and initiatives that we in #SDGIsrael are working hard to promote, and I am very hopeful for the cooperation and creation of power multipliers with sister organizations and sister communities around the world. Fully synchronizing with the Global Goals enables local and international business opportunities. Every initiative, idea or cooperation is wonderful for me, do you have an idea? Please, contact us, let’s influence together!

What we promote in SDG Israel

First we promote cooperation between members of the community, since a strong community is measured by the emotional connection of its members to the community, the sense of belonging and the value they receive and give. In other words, a community is measured by the level of familiarity and intimacy among its members, and the quality, frequency and quantity of its members share with each other within the common spaces that are available to them in a meaningful and shared experience over time.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with some of the projects and tools we have developed and shared in this article and in following ones in the hope of inspiring you to believe in yourself, to realize your dreams in your schools, your communities, your neighborhoods and cities.

  • The 17-Goals trail in the Sharon Park – Israel
  • The Book of Climate Action
  • Ting Global – innovate through play

& #SDGChallenge 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below of projects you’re promoting or familiar with, for example:

Ferries wheel HKI ;  The 17 Goals trails in other cities destinations and climbing routes such as the Dragon Back Trail in Hong Kong ; Digital screens on major buildings ; shopping centers that encourage smart consumption; YCL an organization nurturing the next generation of young climate leaders; Maturity in SDG’s; SDG’s challenges, activities, tools, methods and more.

I will tell our story together with the goals to explain their importance and their connection to global developments:

The 17-Goals trail in the Sharon Park

The unique story of Sharon Park combines garbage and pollution, environmental repair, impressive planning and execution. What if you could visit and experience the park through the 17 Goals trail? SDG Israel community invites you to walk on the 17 Goals trail planned on the largest mountain of waste in Israel and enjoy the many experiences in Ariel Sharon Park. More details soon!

Image: A night walk in Norway. Source: SDGActionCampaign

Image: A night walk in Norway. Source: SDGActionCampaign

The Cross Israel in 80 days Project & the Book of Climate Action

The Goal: To empower the children in Israel and to give them the opportunity to take part in a national project and a global discussion on sustainability, society, economics and the environment, while sharing their thoughts with those who were chosen to represent us.

The questions that led to the project were:

What if children in Israel could share their dreams and challenges in Israel with other children around the world? – Think how it makes you feel when your children ask you to do everything in your power as to allow them to have a world to continue and live in?

What if children in Israel could send a joint message to the president?

What if children in Israel were able to communicate the challenges they identify around them and what bothers them most, in writing and in videos, and together to invent solutions in a creative way?

Our platform allows us to see at any given time where the booklets are located on the map of Israel, including the names of the students and the names of the schools. 

Why not send a direct message to the president? First, it is known that important people are busy and difficult to reach and therefore we have to invent a creative way that includes significant cooperation for all of us. Second, the book journey adds value to the message and offers an opportunity to connect students from different schools. Third, the project promotes and encourages creative writing among students from different sectors and gives them an opportunity to express themselves and to be heard.

Ting Global – Innovate through Play

What if we were to combine three personal areas of interest to the creation of a new profession that is only ours?

Ting is a multidisciplinary thinking method based on the combination of three main topics of interest to the creation of a new idea in the spirit of the Global Goals.

Image: Ting Global game kit
Ting Global Children’s Periodic Table of Change

How can we remember so many goals – 17? Students find it hard to memorize all 17 goals and their significance, so we at Ting Global developed a story and lesson plans for those who wish to memorize all goals and understand how important it is to join forces and work towards achieving the Global Goals.

For the Future of Humanity

What can be learned from this article is how important it is to continue to be creative, to continue to educate to values, to continue to create together, and to what extent the goals are connected and operate and are influenced by themselves, that is, they cannot be separated, the promotion of one goal will promote another, That humanity is closely linked, and that the goals can be thought of as a road map that we can read and lead ourselves to a better future, and if we do not follow the map, there are already examples that show what can happen.

My message to you is that each goal is an opportunity to improve and fix something critical to the survival of our society. Investing in quality education helps to improve the state of hunger, poverty and health. The treatment of cities and their fortification, strengthens the institutions, optimizes economic growth and work, which can also come from developments and innovations in the sector of renewable energies and more.

The goals are the guidance that our generation needs in order to exist on earth in a sustainable way. We must look at the goals as a list of tasks that are critical for us to realize. No longer competing and sparring, but understanding that this is a time of emergency in which humanity is competing against time. Let us not look at what is not, or on the failures of our leaders and fear, we must understand the magnitude of the mission and what we may lose if we do not realize it – for the future of humanity.


SDGIsrael is YKCenter’s Impact project. As a member of the UNGC, YKCenter “Makes global goals local business”. Our focus is to take Israel’s innovation, start-up know-how and to leverage our solution providing power to solve the world’s most pressing issues and bring forward game-changing players to the global game. The mission statement of SDGIsrael is bringing Israel to the SDGs and bringing the SDGs to Israel. 

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Sharon Gal Or – Pioneer of Transformation @ SingularityNET; Israeli Ambassador at U.S. Transhumanist Party. An Innovation, Sustainability & Leadership Management Strategist on creative education to government, non-profits, education, and arts bodies. Lectures in various international circles, leading and hosting training programs globally.
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