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The 2020 Presidential Election. A Watershed Election

This year, voters are being offered a clear choice between two candidates with radically different outlooks for America. Simply put, the choice is capitalism or socialism. In my opinion, it will be a watershed election with long-lasting ramifications. We, the voters, get to choose, but, then, we will have to live with the consequences.

Normally, regardless of what is said during the presidential campaign once they have secured their Party’s nomination the two candidates try to move towards the “middle” as that is where the majority of voters are perceived to be.

Historically, whichever candidate controls the middle wins the election. Fringe candidates, such as Barry Goldwater (1964), George McGovern (1972) and Walter Mondale (1984) have been defeated decisively. As of now, it appears that 2020 may be an exception to that rule as Biden is trying to win from the far left.

Oddly, so far he is succeeding despite the fact that (1) he is proposing a socialist agenda that the polls indicate most Americans do not support, and (2) he rarely ventures out in public, and when he does he clearly exhibits signs of dementia. I think this is largely the result of biased media support, but there are various other reasons as well. I will analyze them in another blog.

On November 3, voters will be choosing not only the president for the next four years, but, more importantly, they will be committing America to a political, social and economic way of life that will likely last for a very long time, if not permanently. Before you dismiss my last statement as hyperbole please read on.

President Trump’s first-term performance is a matter of record. You may agree or disagree with it, but at least it is within the context of what America has been all about for the last 250 years or so. The upcoming election has become a referendum on Mr. Trump. In my view, on a non-personal level he has done very well. Among his accomplishments, he built the best economy in history, pre-coronavirus, enabled us to become energy-independent, and decimated ISIS and Islamic terrorism. Additionally, his law and order, patriotic and pro-military credentials are solid, well-established and consistent with that of most Americans. On the other hand, on a personal level he is disliked, or even hated, by a substantial portion of voters. Moreover, most of the media ignores his triumphs, exaggerates his defeats, and irresponsibly fans the flames of hate at every opportunity.

The main theme of this blog is addressed primarily to those voters who, for whatever reason despise the president and will not vote for him under any circumstances. My attitude is if you want to vote for Biden, be my guest. You are entitled to vote for whomever you want. It’s your right as an American. Fair enough.

BUT, and this is a big “but,” at least be aware of what you are voting for. At least realize what the Dems will do if they win, especially if they capture the Presidency and the Senate to go with the House. We don’t have to guess. They have been telling us. They have been showing us. If you have been paying attention you already know. However, for the benefit of those who haven’t been, below please find a partial list of their platform. I have not made these up. I have not exaggerated them. They are from accounts of Biden, himself, other prominent Dems, and their supporters. If you want to fact-check them independently you can research them easily enough as I did.

The ramifications of most of these are truly frightening. As you read them put aside your political ideology. Put aside your hatred of Mr. Trump. Think about whether or not you want to live in a country where these are a way of life.

1. On more than one occasion, Biden has said he plans to “transform” America. I’m not sure what he means by that vague statement. I’m not sure even he knows. He’s been in politics for some 50 years, so, obviously, any transformation would apply to his own accomplishments, or non-accomplishments. Can you identify one major accomplishment? I can’t. I believe he has been dragged so far to the left by the radical wing of the Dem Party that he wants to transform America into a socialist country. He and his supporters won’t use that word, as it spells political death, but that’s what it is. To paraphrase the late comedian, Grouch Marx, believe what you see with your own eyes, not what others tell you.

2. He and his ilk would force identity politics down our throats. We would have to submit to the arbitrary tyranny of the left. We are already seeing this. Whites are supposed to be guilty over their “privilege” of having been born white. In retribution, they have to accept all kinds of criticism without complaint. Anyone who defends himself is branded a “racist,” and is subject to loss of job, boycott of his business and/or public humiliation.

3. Paying reparations for slavery. This is inane. Who pays? Who receives? How much? Who knows? Who decides? What about the fact that not all present-day whites are descendants of slaveowners, and not all present-day blacks are descendants of slaves?

4. Raise taxes on the “rich.” He expects you to believe that this will pay for all his other policies. Not even close. There is not enough money and not enough rich people to do so. And, by the way, who does he define as “rich?” You may not feel rich or live like you are rich, but to Biden’s supporters you are. Get out your checkbook.

5. Green New Deal. I have discussed this idea in previous blogs. It is simply insane. No more fossil fuels, no more airplanes or cars, no more energy industry. Millions of jobs gone. No more life as we know it. Dust off your bicycle.

6. Full citizenship for all illegals. How many are there? Ten million? Twenty? Thirty? No one knows, but the preponderance of them will likely vote Democrat consistently, which is the idea. Would the GOP ever win a national election again?

7. Universal healthcare. Sounds good, but wouldn’t work. Furthermore, how do we pay for it? Simply, put, we won’t be able to do so. Hello, Chapter 11.

8. Open or relaxed borders. So, let me get this straight: we let everyone into the country, pay for their healthcare, let them compete for our jobs, which, thanks to the Green New Deal, will likely be scarce, and grant them full citizenship, including the right to vote. How about those of us who already live here, who are struggling just to get by? The Dems would rather cater to the illegals than to the country’s own citizens. Are you getting the picture yet?

9. If you are for law and order you will hate the next one. If you favor violence and anarchy as we have seen in our cities recently you will love it. He advocates making the “no bail” law universal, expanding restrictive gun laws, and continuing to reduce funding for and support of the police. In summary, he wants to restrict the right of free speech, the right to defend yourself, let criminals out of jail and defang the police. Our life would resemble the movie, The Purge.

10. I’ve saved the best for last. Make Washington, DC the 51st state. Two more permanent Dem senators, which will almost guarantee Dem control of that body. For what it’s worth, the Founding Fathers explicitly expressed opposition to DC being a state for various reasons.

11. Most of these points are straight from Bernie Sanders’ platform. We all thought he lost the nomination, in part, because his ideas were too radical, but, they have been resurrected. This is further proof that Biden is firmly under the control of the radical “left.”


As I have postulated, the choice on November 3 is rather simple. It’s not just Trump or Biden. It’s deciding what type of country we will be living in prospectively. It’s choosing between capitalism and socialism, law and order and rioting and crime, living in the 21st century or the 19th century, preserving the Bill of Rights or not, and retaining freedom of choice or submitting to the autocracy of the left.

Socialism has a really negative connotation and a very low approval rating among most voters, and rightly so as it has never been successful anywhere. Ever. Furthermore, very few Americans would identify as socialists. It’s not who we are and want to be. But, make no mistake about it. These policies are socialist. The Dems intend to sneak them in under the radar under the guise of progressivism.

Moderate Dems (if there are any still left) and Trump haters are faced with a “Hobson’s choice.” They don’t want to vote for Trump, but a vote for Biden is a vote to fundamentally change America, perhaps permanently. America is not perfect, but, warts and all, it is still the greatest country on the planet. Why else would tens of millions want to immigrate here? You want to change it in a responsible way? Fine. Let’s discuss it. Let’s work within the system. But, tear it down? Transform it? No way. In a hundred years historians and your descendants will likely wonder why in the world you did it.

Inexplicably, as I said above, despite the above radical agenda and despite Biden’s lack of active campaigning and plainly failing cognitive abilities (just review his highlights/lowlights on U-tube) he is still up in the polls, comfortably. According to the latest US News and World Report polls he is up ten points nationally and is leading in electoral votes 278 – 186 with 74 too close to call.

I know President Trump is hated by approximately half the country, but are we really going to elect a person with failing cognitive abilities and a socialist agenda? Really?

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Larry was born and raised in New York. He is 73 years old. He has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting and a Masters Degree in Marketing Management, and worked in the financial industry for 42 years in accounting and Compliance. Larry is also a veteran, whose hobbies are reading and golf. He has been writing a blog for three years, which is being read by people in 90 countries.
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