The Abhorrent Murder

The abhorrent murder of worshipers at synagogue cannot be viewed as just another murder; it is the culmination of a murderous rampage arising from incitement whose intention is to cause a bloodbath throughout Israel and the Jewish world. This criminal act requires that the leaders of Israel and the entire Jewish people take new measures to counter the rising tide of terrorism and murder accompanied by waves of incitement, which are intended to serve as part of a violent political struggle to undermine the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

Israel’s Western-style approach of Israel’s media outlets towards this crime of characterized by biting its lip and bowing its head is inappropriate for the current situation. Israeli society must take a different approach: the horrible pictures which were not displayed to us on the grounds that they would be too shocking (an incorrect conclusion) must be presented to the entire world. It is time those terrible images that accompany us be published in all global news outlets, so the world will have a taste of with whom we are dealing.

Moreover, Israel must fight the false stereotypes that have been applied to our state and society. Terms like apartheid, a racist state and society, war criminals – there no justification for these terms, and they must be fought and discredited. Israel must declare publicly that anyone who dares to label the State of Israel a racist and apartheid state will not be a welcome guest in Israel, will not be granted a VIP entry card, which has been granted to numerous Palestinian Authority officials. A global campaign must be led around the world illustrating that the Palestinian Authority is entity that is promoting policies based on apartheid and racism. This is the only entity that demands that all Jews removed from its lands, it is the only country that imposes restrictions on Jewish prayer at holy sites, it is the only entity that gives orders which result in women, children and the elderly living in fear. Their most heinous murderers are honored and receive assistance and support while they serve life-terms in Israeli prisons, and their families are supported financially.

The war crimes of the Arab world existed even before the Balfour Declaration, as they attempted to prevent Jews from coming to the Holy Land, through acts of murder and repeated pogroms. Jews would be forced to pay a head tax if they wanted to live in the Holy Land or even in various Arab countries. Jews suffered from significant racism and antisemitism when living as minorities in Muslim countries.
Arab leaders cooperated with the Nazi leadership in Germany and were partners to the planning of the “final solution” for the Jews living in Mandatory Palestine. Arab organizations have spread blood libels against Jews and the State of Israel, while Israel often has no chance against such lies in the international arena. This is because the majority of United Nations member states belongs either to the Arab League, the Muslim federation, to the “non-aligned movement” which has interests in the Muslim world, together comprising approximately 55% of the globe’s population. The weight of the task of fighting such blood libel and vilification has prevented Israel from taking the bull by its horns, allowing terrorist propaganda to spread around the world and tarnish Israel’s image. This struggle must be executed at the local level, the national level, the regional level, and the international level, and must be aggregated into a new international order that will counter coalitions that have been formed against Israel. Any individual, group, organization or state that slanders Israel as a “racist and apartheid state” or “an occupying power” must be respond to unambiguously.

With respect to the murder in the Jerusalem synagogue: Israel must inform the Palestinian Authority that its halfheartedly condemnation will not suffice. The Palestinian Authority must declare the murders to be war criminals rather than martyrs, and that neither the murderers nor their families will receive any financial benefit following the crime.

Only such statements and actions would be considered a real condemnation. General statements without practical measures in the field will never impact the terror war being waged against us, which has spilled much blood in Israeli society. The Israeli government must act with a firm hand to ensure that the message is understood immediately.

About the Author
Dr David Altman is senior vice-president at the Netanya Academic College and vice-chair of the college's Strategic Dialogue Center
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