The Aged Have a Voice

Should I give up my idea of reaching my contemporaries who are protectively sequestered from the danger of infection? They are cut off from the outside world as well as their families, preoccupied or even overwhelmed by unaccustomed or perhaps too well remembered anxieties and nightmares which now raise their heads. Could they, however, nevertheless possibly be concerned by the critical political events and decisions of these days which threaten to destroy the society they contributed to create? Could they want to wake up and go out and participate in demonstrating and expressing their support and belief in our courts of law? How does one even reach them when they are not the people generally au fait with the virtual world and out of reach of their children and grandchildren who might help? How can they express their will in a way that will be visible and carry impact?

Join us the aged in reaching others and remind them of our dreams, what we built up and our concern for the future of our children and their children and ask them to help in making our opinions felt.  We the old have no intention to surrender, we have a voice!

About the Author
Born in Czechoslovakia 1928, daughter of the last Rabbi of Boskovice, one of the oldest Jewish communities of Central Europe. Fled in time to England where she studied History at London University & Social Sciences & Administration at LSE. After graduation came to Israel. A career that started as the first Social Worker in Massiyahu Prison (experimental open prison). Gained a second degree in Social Work at Columbia University of New York. Worked in various positions, supervision, teaching, research at the Hebrew University. In the second part of her life, after qualifying as an Analytical Psychologist worked in private practice, focusing mainly on different generations of survivors of the Shoah. Involved throughout the years in various forms of activities for Peace. In recent years has devoted herself to helping people to explore and potentiate their own process of aging in the form of workshops.
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