The aim of outrage

In the wake of the death of George Floyd, the hell that American cities have suffered the past 10 days was based on lies.

The truth:

  1. As Heather MacDonald proved conclusively in her opinion piece, “The Myth of Systemic Police Racism,” in last Tuesday’s WSJ, there is no evidence of systemic police racism in the USA. There is no “genocide” of black men. 10 unarmed black men, out of a population of ~10 million American black adult males, were killed by police last year. If you’re a black man who is not a violent criminal, your probability of death-by-cop is practically ZERO.
  2. There is still NO evidence that George Floyd’s killer, Derek Chauvin, was motivated by racism. Floyd’s death WAS a clear case of excessive, unjustifiable police brutality, demanding rigorous prosecution of homicide.

And here is the harder truth.

The left and Democrat Party leadership are gearing up for social cataclysm with one clear purpose. To seize political power in the White House and both houses of Congress. They are focusing on two pressure points: race and the economy.

By November, the vastness of economic damage wrought by the Coronavirus lockdown (and NOT the coronavirus itself) will become clearer. Democrats and the media will obfuscate and dismiss the economic wonders achieved by the Trump administration prior to the pandemic. They will ignore the administration’s remarkable mobilization to aid states and governors. They will ignore the fact that Trump wanted to open up the economy, to save lives and livelihoods, while largely Democrat governors doubled-down on the lockdown.

The media will play up the George Floyd incident with a parade of false-racism narratives. At the same time, the trial of Derek Chauvin and the police officers who stood by while he brutalized Floyd will dominate news cycles. The message will be: “Trump’s America is racist!” And any white person who refuses to kneel and declare that libel might as well wear a white robe and a conical hat.

But there is one more outrage.

Keith Ellison, former congressman from Ilhan Omar’s rotten 5th Minnesota Congressional District and current Minnesota Attorney General, has set up the trial of Derek Chauvin to result in an acquittal.

Ellison has “over-charged” Chauvin with 2nd-degree murder, which demands proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Chauvin had actually intended to kill Floyd. The chances of proving intent are very low. Ellison should have charged Chauvin with 3rd-degree murder, which requires proof of a depraved mind, a disregard for human life, and a lack of intent to kill. So, why didn’t Ellison charge Chauvin with 3rd-degree murder?

Reason 1: The roaring hordes on the left demand blood. George Floyd’s family wants a charge of 1st-degree murder to put Chauvin away for life. But first degree murder would have required proof of premeditation, which even cooler leftist heads know did not exist. Ellison is abusing his office and ignoring the realities of the law in order to play to his political base.

Reason 2: Left-generated outrage of Derek Chauvin’s acquittal will ignite a new, likely worse wave of rioting and the accompanying looting, all coming down on the heads of Americans around a critical election. This is the endgame strategem of the D.C. establishment to deliver a knock-out blow to the Trump presidency and a menacing warning to future would-be challengers to the elite, powered status quo.

President Trump must expose the alliance between the radical elements of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the Democratic Party. He has to show that Democrat Party higher-ups, like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, as well as most of the mass media were willing to enable massive suffering, including physical violence and economic ruin, to the entire nation in order to deny Donald Trump a second term.

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Michael Jaffe was raised on Long Island and moved to Israel in 1987. He holds a MS in electrical engineering and a PhD in mass communication research. He's worked as a technical marketing consultant and lectured on topics of communication and systems of government.
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