The anti-Semitism in protests you don’t notice

2021 has just begun the world is already going crazy.

We all witnessed what occurred in Capitol Hill and were agitated.

That is not the first “wild” protest that has been going on.

We also witnessed how crazy the BLM protests were.

However, if there’s one common thing in both protests, it is anti-Semitism.

I’ve already written about anti-Semitism in both the left and right-wing, but I didn’t explain how it manifests.

The left-wing expresses its anti-Semitism by delegitimizing Israel’s existence. They use false information and comparisons to Nazism to demonize Israel.

The radical left-wing’s anti-Semitism arises from their values. They see the Arabs from Gaza Judea and Samaria as a group of people who are oppressed by “white colonizers” (Israel) and a group that experiences occupation and injustice caused by “white supremacy”. They view Israel as a foreign invader and the Arabs as a minority group, who shares values such as solidarity, justice and equality. These values are familiar with left-wing.

Therefore, their Anti-Semitism manifests by delegitimizing Israel’s existence. Or in other words, delegitimizing the only indigenous safe place for Jews to live.

The radical right-wing, view Jews as more of an ethnic group than just a religion. They see Jews as a foreign group that controls the world and threatens their nationalism.

The right-wing is usually more associated with values like national pride, while Jews are an ethnic foreign group. This case leads to a view of Jews as a threat to nationalism. Furthermore, Jews are a “Semitic” group, which allows radicals who believe in supremacy to use the same slurs the nazis used against Jews. People who support the idea of “supremacy” will despise Jews for the stereotypes like Jews control the world since it is a “threat” to their supreme position.

Therefore, their Anti-Semitism manifests by using Nazism and condoning it since they both support supremacy.

To conclude, Anti-Semitism was never an issue of left-wing or right-wing. The radical sides of both sides hate Jews and definitely won’t make them feel safe. That is the reason why Jews should keep making Aliyah and we should keep encouraging that while strengthening and supporting them.

About the Author
Rotem is a public diplomacy activist since 2014 on social media.S he has an Instagram page with thousands of followers called @teens.for.israel which it's main target is to work with youth around the world, educate them about the Israeli Arab conflict and expose the truth about Israel. She made lots of projects in this page collaborating youth from all around the wrold (jews and non -jews). In addition, she collaborated with the digital department of the Israeli ministry of foreign affairs on social media and with other popular public diplomacy activists on social media. She is a former spoksesperson of a right winged political Israeli party youth headquarters and has an op-ed at a youth news site.
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