The Artist makes you feel what you know. The Writer makes you know what you feel.

The Artist makes you feel what you already know – And the Writer makes you know what you already feel.

The Artist makes you feel what you already know –
And the Writer makes you know what you already feel.

Paintings have names and art shows are accompanied by written brochures, while books use illustrations to round out what they communicate.  This symbiotic relationship tells us artists and writers complement each other and act in concert to render the full expression of an idea.

I commissioned this painting to complement my words on equal footing with the visual expression.  I purposely did not interface with the artist in order to allow his understanding of my words to be incorporated in the painting as an unbridled expression.  The resulting image is his acknowledgment in form what I stated in fact.

He painted: Flourishing Trees without Roots to sustain them which visually expresses my statement that the Artist and the Writer require each other to render whole understandings. One alone without the other is no more viable than a tree without roots.

The artist Yossi is involved with  Pinotigul  a group that promotes artists with disabilities: akin to trees without roots who need help to render their work accessible to the world.

When I received the painting, my son Uri came and met the artist. He did not notice, ask or care the artists had disabilities and with that perhaps remedied mine.

I am thankful that through commissioning Yossi to express himself, I am able to expose him to others who might do the same and along the way perhaps created a new genre: Wriainting. Definition: The rantings of a writers expressed through paintings.

About the Author
Dov Hoch has been published in Arabic and Hebrew in 50 Middle East media outlets. He is a founding board member of Yemin Orde Educational Initiatives; and SIGNAL - Sino-Israel ties. Dov served for 10 years on the executive board of the America Israel Chamber of Commerce. He is President of the Penn Club of Israel and Co-Chairman of the Ivy League Alumni in Israel. Dov lives in Ra'anana with his three sons and is writing a book: The Perishability of Importance. My BIO starts in 1492. That year Columbus discovered America and inculcated it's anything is possible approach. When I was in first grade America landed on the moon and from my school yard I saw the World Trade Center being built; both the New York baseball and football teams won championships. The climate of accomplishment set a high bar. I was taught: The sky is the limit and understood that was the lower threshold. However for 20 years, I only sought material accomplishment and corporal opulence. The half of me Columbus created was so spiritually spineless and so removed from religion that in high school I brazenly wrote: Primal Light, Celestial Heights – a concept so absurd; In my dialog with God – Man has the last word. Today I thank God that in 1492 the other half of me also had its genesis. That year my family left Spain for Eastern Galicia and settled in Dinov (now Poland). They lived there for 400 years and for 20 generations, they prayed East towards Jerusalem (500,000 times) but they went West to New York. A life-time later I somehow heard my ancestor’s prayers directed towards Zion and moved to Israel and for five years, shepherded thousands of Ethiopian Jews there. Along the way, I received two Ivy League degrees: I learned about purpose of civil society in America's first university founded by Benjamin Franklin. I learned how to write while looking at Rodin's statue of The Thinker on the campus of Columbus's namesake and in a faculty founded by Pulitzer himself. And I choose to populate the 5 or 6 lines on my tombstone with facts that my three boys were born in Israel and my humble purpose was to be their doormat to Zion. In life for them I am both Noah and the Ark.
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