The Beach

The Beach — החוף

I am on my way to work and a really huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders.

The sun is shining  brighter today because I found a place to breathe and live and love.

Wow I thought this post would have happened a while back but the universe pulled me in a direction that even I was unaware of (isn’t  that the way it always happens anyway).

I have basically been homeless ( did you even read my last post) and looking for an apartment for a while. I was rushing around trying  to find something solo and it just kept falling through. Then a friend recommended  to me someone that was also in my same situation  that also needed an apartment/roomate  (very nice girl) and we thought we would be a pair. For the past month we have tried to secure an apartment, lawd knows we have tried (in my southern grandmother voice) but getting an apartment in Israel is very unique because you are actually dealing with individual homeowners. There is no order and you can be charged  nothing  or you can be charged  the blood of your small child and your soul. It’s difficult  enough to begin with but coupled with the language  barrier… fuhget  abawt it (said in my best Yiddish Italian New Yorker accent).

So I’ll tell you how the universe showed me who’s the boss.

First of all, I moved to Israel to be near the sea. I moved to Israel to grow and be the best me and to truly live my life with purpose. I moved to Israel to be holy and holy to me is following your intuition and trusting yourself. So it makes total sense that all of these apartments were not working out. My roomate  and I were supposed to sign papers yesterday. We were right there. I rode four hours on a bus from  Hertzaliyah  to Katzrin  (The Golan… Far as hell) because a very generous friend was going to cosign for me (really, like my first cosigner ever in my entire life) and I needed her original signature. I almost missed the bus. Blah Blah whatever (tears and tons of Fbomb’s). Then I magically got on one (the last one) and four hours later I was eating an amazing meal and celebrating with wine and a signed guarantee in my hand and with more wine of course.

But wait! Not so fast cupcake…

My roomate was having a little static on her end… here we go!

The way the cards lined up is the static proved to be too much for me. The first time that I was actually stressed and the one thing that is not good for a breast cancer survivor or anyone for for that matter is stress.

I had seen an ad for an apartment on the beach and called out of desperation the previous week. I really wasn’t sure if my current situation would work because it umm , how do i say this gently… hadn’t  freaking been working. Deep inside I knew something wasn’t right. I knew this wasn’t the set up for me but I kept pushing it along anyway.

I called my now landlady and said can we meet in an hour. She said yes and we met and the biggest weight lifted almost immediately. Not because I found a place to live  but because I found a place with a woman that seems to have the same energy as I have. A woman that is a 72 year old yoga practicing sex therapist that is a public speaker. A woman that in one hour reminded me why the fuck I’m here and a woman that looks like she keeps it one hundred percent real which is just what I need in my life. I’m on the 18th floor (life). I have two rooms that will allow me to see the sea every morning. At this very moment I realize that  this is where I was supposed to be and I thank GD for slapping me with the universe and the ability to just follow the yellow  brick road.

I don’t know what the future holds but I do know that I’m back on the beach and back on track with my healing and living life and for this I am grateful.

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Breast cancer warrior with a desire to inspire. Join me on my journey as I explore the Land of Milk and Money (and NO, that is not a typo) as an Olah Chadisha that has been given a new lease on life.
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